EDM legend Tiësto kicked off the first official night of Ultra Music Festival in Miami as the main headliner this past Friday night and showed us that everyone makes mistakes.  Even the veteran DJ himself.

It\’s safe to say that probably every DJ at one time or another has thought about the fear of playing music for thousands of people when suddenly the sound cuts out leaving fans in disappointment and boredom.  While this did actually happen to Tiësto, fans did not appear to be upset and he was able to make light of the situation afterwards.  Halfway into the DJ/producer\’s set, the sound cut out leaving the crowd in silence followed by darkness.  After a couple of seconds, the artist was able to redeem himself by getting things back on track while stating to the crowd and online viewers, \”So as you guys can hear, I never do a pre-mix.  It\’s all live.\”

Over the years, DJs have received backlash from the public with their assumptions that artists simply just \”press play\” as opposed to actually mixing live in the moment.  We can now say that Tiësto is not considered to be one of them.

It is unknown what exactly caused the problem to begin with, but perhaps it could have been weather related since Miami experienced heavy rain Friday night during Tiësto\’s set along with many other acts.

Watch it all happen in the clip below.  Click here to watch the entire set.