facial recognition

Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster, announced that it would be introducing facial recognition technology into its venues. That means you’ll be able to scan your face when coming into a venue, instead of a ticket. Pretty Black Mirror right?

The company stated, “We will continue investing in new technologies to further differentiate Ticketmaster from others in the ticketing business. It is very notable that today we announce our partnership with, and investment in, Blink Identity which has cutting-edge facial recognition technology, enabling you to associate your digital ticket with your image, then just walk into the show”

The move to invest more heavily in facial recognition seems progressive, but also has drawn considerable debate on the ethics of tracking people’s faces without their consent, as well as the many limitations and problems facial recognition technology can have (such as disproportionally not identifying darker skin colors).

We can only wait and see how this technology plays out and shapes the future of concert-going.