\”Life\’s too short to dance like someone\’s watching\” is the mantra Drew Sutherland follows on a daily basis. When this 20 year old from Houston, Texas isn\’t protecting America, he\’s on the front lines of not giving a fuck. He loves America, guns, and Nu Disco–in that order. Runners up would be jorts and throwing all care to the wind when Chicago\’s Louis The Child is on. When I asked him if the jorts were serious…

\”Haha, no, they are all part of the not giving a fuck mentality. They get me in the mindset of not caring how people perceive me, making it a lot easier to dance. They are actually an old pair of jeans that I destroyed in a bike accident, and I recently converted them to my dancing pants.\”

I aspire to give as few fucks as Drew.  The whole world would be a better place if they could follow his carefree mentality. He\’s also a pretty good aspiring DJ who enjoys spinning trance, nu disco and anything uplifting to a likeminded crowd of EDM lovers.  Check out one of his mixes entitled \”Will It Blend?\” that I really like here. Follow his YouTube channel \”Emotion In Motion\” for more videos that will make you want to get up and dance.

I\’ve watched this video a dozen times and it still brings a smile to my face. Thanks for being you, Drew.