The day has come for \”#SELFIE\” to be released to the masses and I am so excited you could drown a toddler in my panties (if I wore any). An infectiously funny vocal sample over a powerfully bright, sexy beat makes this song an irresistible club favorite. Cop this track on iTunes for less than what it costs to buy a pack of gum. After you give it a listen, head on over to The Chainsmokers\’ SoundCloud and check out all of their other great songs. Start off with their remix of Ellie Goulding\’s \”Goodness Gracious\”. An instant indie dance hit.

Don\’t miss their show this Thursday, January 30th at The MID. RSVP here and arrive before 11:30pm to avoid paying a cover. If fashionably late is the way you roll, get your tickets here before they sell out. Support the artist directly by liking them on Facebook. Follow me, Sydney @ EDM Chicago, on SoundCloud for more music you need to be listening to.

when James was at the table
I kept on seeing him look at me when he was with that other girl
do you think he was just doing that to make me jealous?
because he was totally texting me all night last night
and I don\’t know if it\’s a booty call or not
so, like, what do you think?
did you think that girl was pretty?
how did that girl even get in here?
do you see her?
she is so short and that dress is so tacky
who wears cheetah?
it\’s not even summer, why does the DJ keep on playing Summertime Sadness?
after we go to the bathroom can we go smoke a cigarette? I really need one
but first, let me take a selfie