The Chainsmokers are back with a new single. I must admit the title \’Let You Go\’ sounds a bit cheesy, but they nailed this tune for sure. The awesome vocals from Great Good Fine Ok complement the tune nicely.

Be on the lookout for their Recess Tour in April/May which will be all over the North East. They are also working with V Squared Labs (same company who produced Zhu\’s show) on a special production that will be unveiled on April 24th for a massive hometown show at Terminal 5.

Fun fact, this was actually the first original song we ever did and in 2013 we were planning to release it. Then #selfie happened and this got pushed (cue sad music). Even though its sort of typical progressive house in nature, its with the lovely up and coming indie band Great Good Fine Ok who killed the flasetto and are just great dydes… But there is something very infectious about the vocal and the synths are like ear candy, there is so much dance music now and esp the prog big room stuff. it all is really bad, so we hope this is a nice exception. – The Chainsmokers

Out now on Beatport.