If you look at the betting service on offer at this moment compared to the one that we saw 20 or 30 years ago, you will see a huge change in how people bet. The new way of betting is heavily reliant on technology, whether you are betting from home on your computer, or using a mobile app on your phone.

Technology has driven change across many different industries, the betting industry is included in this and has made direct use of many different advancements we have seen.

There appears to be no end in sight either, the changes are set to continue in the future and the way we bet in a decade from now is likely to look different again.

How Mobile Betting is Shaping the Future of the Industry

Anyone who is just joining in with the betting industry right now is likely to be someone from a generation that has grown up with mobile phones and apps.

These people are used to planning and carrying out their lives on a mobile phone, so betting on one will be fine for them. On top of that, the betting industry is investing millions of pounds in mobile betting, they see it as the future.

We have a product that is supposedly the future, and one that the newer gamblers coming into the industry are familiar with, this is clearly a win-win situation for the industry.

It is all thanks to technology, the speed and processing ability of mobile phones means our apps can be extremely advanced.

On top of that the internet speeds and stability we have mean that people trust money transactions. This is all thanks to the battle between Android and Apple devices to see who can be the best.

There is not one angle of the betting industry that is pointing towards anything other than mobile right now, something that will seemingly remain in the future.

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The Convenience Factor

From booking a holiday to doing our shopping and listening to music, there is a real trend for convenience at the moment. We do everything in the most convenient way possible.

Look at that from a betting perspective and it means that we all bet in the most convenient way possible, which is via a mobile phone. Bookmaking in the UK is regulated, which is a big positive for many and offers licensed betting for those who wish to do it, and this comes in a convenient way.

There is plenty of choice on offer too. According to freebets.com there are many bookmakers out there, all with offers that new players can take advantage of, including free bets, money back deals and bonus funds.

There is no other way to bet that could be any more convenient than that, and for this reason it seems mobile betting will get to the top and then stay there.

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A Change in the Markets We Bet On

Another key area which looks set to expand the betting industry further and move it in a slightly different direction is the markets that we bet on. We are no longer talking about betting being on sports only.

Whether it is the next big political events or reality TV shows where fans watch each week and vote on a winner, we are seeing these all creep into the betting industry.

If you watch a show that is on TV, and there is someone who is deemed a winner via a public or judges vote, the chances are that you can bet on this if you would like to.

If there is a big political event such as an election, or key votes around the world, the chances are you will be able to bet on this.

The key here is that the people who like politics or reality TV are not going to be the same as those who like sport. This means new people are coming into the industry and placing their bets, they are a whole new target market for bookmakers to aim at and try to win over.

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What Impact Will Voice Technology Have?

If there is one area of technology that the betting industry hasn’t really used so far then it is certainly voice technology. This is something that we are all becoming a lot more used to, and the fact is, things are only going to grow further in the coming years.

But will we see the betting industry use this? We may not see it brought in as a way of placing bets, that may be something which isn’t allowed due to legislation, but it could certainly help us all by completing specific tasks.

For example, we could ask our mobile betting app to check the latest betting prices for us, we could ask what upcoming football games are taking place in a specific league and much more.

This information gathering will save people a lot of time, even though it won’t actually help with bet placement in any way. It should still be seen as a positive though.

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What Changes Can You Expect to See Moving Forward?

The simple answer here is that you will see things move so they become even more convenient. This may mean things such as voice software to look at odds and the latest results, we are seeing a lot of industries and devices use voice recognition to their advantage.

As for the future of bookmaking, who sits at the top of the pecking order may come down to who has the best mobile service.

This means being reliable, fast and easy to use. These factors may take over things such as the betting odds and markets on offer, or offers on big leagues such as the Premier League.

Focus is already on betting apps and how they can make betting easier for customers. Expect to see this continue and expect to see them play a huge part in the future of the industry.