If a fire occurs due to an accident in your home, you have very little time left to evacuate. Then you will only have a few minutes. However, this is when a fire occurs without the presence of a smoke detector. With this device, you have at least twice as much time to go out.

The impact of this device on your safety is clear to everyone. That way, in addition to your life and the life of your family, you will also prevent the complete destruction of the household. In order for this alarm to properly perform its function, it needs to work well.

This means that it should meet certain conditions that you must take into account when choosing a device. To know what to look for, keep reading and discover below how to choose the ideal smoke detector.

1. Differences between smoke detectors

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In order to know how to choose a detector that will be compatible with your home, you must first know what options are on offer. Based on different types of smoke detectors, it is not difficult to find the right one, because each one has certain characteristics that correspond to different conditions.

So there is a heat detector. This device is usually placed in the kitchen to detect the potential danger due to a sudden rise in temperature. When it reaches a certain temperature, it means that a fire has occurred. This device works on that principle. However, many people say that these devices need more time to activate and that is a big drawback.

On the other hand, there is a smoke detector, and they are far faster than the previous one and the others. The alarm will sound even before a large temperature rise occurs, and you can choose between ionization, optical or combined type. In addition to these detectors, there is also a device that is sensitive to ionization, optical and dual sensor. Modern smoke detectors that are coming to the market with improved technology used in commercial buildings can also be singled out.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

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We mentioned the ionization alarm and its main advantage is that they detect electricity very early. This is because there is an electric current inside the device that can interfere with the smoke and thus signal.

When it comes to photoelectric detectors, their main advantage is the detection of larger particles. Here you can notice a clear difference between the two mentioned types of alarms, and in that case the ionization is much more sensitive to external influences. However, photovoltaic alarms are therefore the most reliable when it comes to home use. There is another type similar to ionization, and these are even more sensitive ones that are used for scientific use or in business places.

We must also mention the characteristics of the combined alarms, and the main advantage is the addition in the form of a carbon monoxide sensor. This sensitivity can also be a drawback, as they usually need more frequent replacement. However, if you are dealing with fuel or something similar then it would be wise to take a device like this.

3. Differences considering the power supply

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You need to think about how to power the smoke detector. When it comes to this you have more options ahead of you. So you can choose between those that change periodically, and some have batteries designed in this way that can be changed every 10 years. At x-sense.com you can find a smoke alarm that has been manufactured to last 10 years. Also, there are those batteries that run on electricity in the house and have their own spare parts in case of power failure.

4. The layout of the rooms and the size of the house are important

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This factor is crucial when buying a smoke detector. First of all, you need to consider the size of your house, the number of rooms, their layout and how to use them. Our advice is to secure every part of the house equally. In addition to the alarm in each room, it is necessary to fill the hallway with this device.

The simplest way to install a detector is to connect the whole house to one system. This way, each alarm will be networked with each other and you will automatically receive news of the fire. Otherwise, the detector would need much more time to detect smoke if the rooms are quite far away. Then a big problem can occur. Of course, this situation is possible only in a big house. This system should be installed by a professional who will know what it is doing because it is still about connecting the detector to the electricity at home. You can also find wireless detectors on the market.

As we said, it is important to find a device that is compatible with your room. Whatever alarm you plan to install, you don’t have to set it everywhere. In essence, this is not a smart decision.

5. Label

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The label you are interested in in this case is UL. Devices containing this mark have been tested and approved by the authorities in this field. That way, you will know that these are reliable manufacturers who respect all the regulations necessary for quality production. This means that all devices except are subjected not only to testing but also to sample testing. This is a sign that you are using a product that meets all standards of use.

6. Easy maintenance

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Our advice is to choose one that does not require much effort during maintenance. The basic rule is to remove dust from them and that is enough to do once a month. This is done to avoid blocking the sensor and activating the alarm.


The ideal detector is one that fully suits the conditions of your home. In the previous part of the text, we have listed some basic options that you should consider before you decide to buy a certain device. We hope you have found enough information to help you choose.