When it comes to what’s the trend these days, there is no better indicator than Google. And according to the results for the past year, unicorn cakes, keto recipes, and CBD gummies have been the most searched-for items on the internet.  CBD stands short for cannabidiol and is a compound found in industrial hemp that has no psychoactive effect.

It is used to treat skin problems, calm and relax nerves, anxiety, bone and muscle pain, digestive system problems, and restore hormonal balance. It is also used to prevent oxidative damage to cells, that is, to prevent the risk of tumors.

Although it does not contain THC or have the intoxicating effect of a “soft drug”, this compound is becoming increasingly popular for its relaxing effects. Stars massage it into their skin to ease aches and pains after wearing heels and praise a special type of coffee as “the right combination.”

In the US, it’s treated like a magical elixir added to scented bath balls, dog treats, and medicine, but gummy bears are among the top 10 most Googled foods for quite some time now. If you’re wondering about where to buy CBD gummies near me, then you should consider consulting google as well.


A lot of people have doubts about how to consume them, should it be on an empty or full stomach? Let’s try and answer this question

Generally, you can take them on an empty stomach, but we suggest you avoid this. There’s a practical reason behind it. Taking them on an empty stomach will require a lot larger dose to feel its effect, in comparison to when you take them right after your meal. The ideal time for consuming is half an hour after you’ve eaten. And this goes regardless of the way you are consuming this oil. It simply works better if a person has been eating fatty foods.

Here, it’s important to be aware of the fact that these gummies and the absorption of the matter they carry largely depend on what you eat. For instance, if you take nuts, seeds, salmon, or avocado, which all are rich in healthy oils, chances are you’ll be improving the absorption of CBD. The science behind this, claims that these healthy fats help deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream, and into the cells quicker. Hence the reason behind different tinctures is mixed with coconut oil or some other seed oil. Therefore, consuming healthy fats will help you get the most out of your gummies.

Knowing this can also save you money. Because of their beneficial effects, some people have to consume as much as three per day, which tends to cost. But if you combine your food with good oils, chances are you’ll have the effect sooner, and stop needing the same number of gummies per day.

This is not just another theory but is something backed up by research. According to the study done by Brown’s CBD who was testing people who fasted and those who ate fatty foods (both were using gummies), it was found that the first group had a lot higher concentration in their bloodstream than the ones who fasted.

So, next time you’re about to take a gummy, plan ahead, and eat something healthy before. The effects will be felt both on your wallet and your body.


Finally, a lot of you may wonder why to use gummies at all

It is only natural to raise this question, given the fact that there are so many other different forms, for example, oil drops that get absorbed right in your mouth. However, this is not always the most pleasant thing. Gummies have been invented as an alternative, for those people who cannot cope with the taste of the oil. In other words, they are way more delicious than any other form, as well as a perfect solution for people who are constantly on the move.

Dosing is also a lot easier, as one gummy bear is already a dose you choose to buy. The time you may be spending counting the drops is no longer lost, you just go ahead and chew your already prepared dose. A single bear can have approximately 5% of CBD. And the maximum dose people opt for is 3 per day.


When can you expect to feel results?

Consumed this way, and considering it is being absorbed via the digestive system, the effect is delayed in comparison to when you’re using pure oil. Oils, as was previously mentioned, are being absorbed in the bloodstream already in the mouth. For a gummy to take its full effect, one has to wait 1-2 hours upon consumption. As for their duration, they can keep the effect felt for a maximum of 8 hours.

Additional advice for consuming this way is to chew as long as possible. This will allow the oil to break free while in the mouth, so part of it can be absorbed right there.

There are a couple of factors that determine the speed of their effect kicking in, as it is not the same for every person. These factors include firstly the reason you are using them – what are you trying to cure? They also include factors like your body weight, gender, and life habits. For instance, if you have been suffering from a certain illness for years, you cannot expect to get rid of it in a single day.

Experiences are different, some effects will take only half an hour, some two weeks, and some even a month. But the fact that you are consuming something completely natural, that has the power to solve the problem is worth your patience.