Employees work hard for the company. They even continue working beyond office hours since they wish to dedicate themselves to the company’s success. Employers should return the favour by supporting their personal and professional growth. Here are some ways to express support.

Recognise deserving employees

Getting recognised will motivate the employees and keep them happy. They will also realise that the company sees their hard work. When they feel valued, their performance level increases. They will feel engaged in doing their jobs. There are many ways to recognise them. You can announce it in the office or through social media platforms. You may also leave a note on their desks. Regardless of how you do it, the point is you recognised the efforts.

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Provide constructive criticism

Create a culture where everyone values constructive criticisms. The employees should feel comfortable receiving comments about their work. They must feel like it’s part of their growth and not a rejection of their ideas. The problem is when these criticisms have terrible intentions. The goal is to help them realise that they can do better. Be careful not to make them feel they’re not enough, or they didn’t do a good job. When used constructively, criticisms can lead to professional growth.

Host events to celebrate milestones

Another way to make the employees feel valued is by celebrating milestones. You can host events by having a fairground hire since it’s fun for everyone. Work with specialists from https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/ in organising this event.

There are other ways to celebrate, such as hosting a charity dinner, concert, fun run, and many others. These celebrations will recognise everyone’s efforts in achieving the milestones. It’s also a day when everyone forgets work and relaxes. Your employees need enough time to forget about the assigned tasks. They will get back to work after the celebration and feel energised.

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Encourage mentoring

Employees are open to new ideas and ways of being more efficient at their job. Hence, the company should encourage mentoring. It allows them to learn from people who have been around for a long time. They can mentor new employees and show them how to do an excellent job. Another reason why it’s crucial is it encourages openness. No one should feel worried about asking questions or providing suggestions. Mentoring makes new employees feel comfortable around their seniors.

Allow employees to go on a study leave

Some employees want to develop their skills by studying for a postgraduate degree. Allow them to do it. Some organisations even provide scholarships to employees who wish to take this path. Sadly, they won’t be around to help out, but they will contribute more when they get back. They will learn something new, and they can apply this knowledge to the company. Even if they decide not to come back, it’s okay. The employees should know that the business cares about whatever path they wish to take.

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Host a team-building exercise

Employees can learn a lot from team-building activities. It’s also a chance to know the other employees. They’re in a different setting, and it’s more relaxing. Look for a place where you can hold these activities. You may also invite a facilitator to think of new ways to boost camaraderie and collaboration within the team. Employees are always looking forward to this event, and they deserve it.

Host training programs

Identify the common issues faced by the employees and host a training program. Everyone will learn from the training. The best part is you can continue doing it even during a work from home setting. Webinars are popular, and there are exciting topics to discuss. Look for an expert on the topic, and allow that person to share new information in the field. Open the floor for questions since the employees might want to know more.

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Be fair in giving a chance for a promotion

Getting a higher post is also a chance for professional development. Some employees even decide to work with a company where they have an opportunity to move up the corporate ladder. However, it’s disappointing when you don’t have a fair selection process. It discourages excellent employees from working harder. They know that even if they do their best, they won’t get promoted. Be clear in setting standards related to promotions. Open the opportunity to everyone who wants the post.

Offer a paid leave

Employees also deserve some time off for themselves. They might also want to use that day off to be with family. You might think it’s a waste of time, but everyone needs it. Guarantee a paid leave to allow employees to deal with personal issues. They might have problems at home, or they’re going through a challenging emotional issue. You want them to be better when they get back to work. If you don’t guarantee paid days off, they will continue working even if they’re not feeling well because they have no choice. You don’t want to create that environment since it makes everyone feel terrible.

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Encourage employees to go home after work hours

Some employers are happy seeing employees work overtime. As a team leader, you shouldn’t. Encourage everyone to go home after work. They need to be with family. They also have to exercise and stay physically healthy. Besides, after working hard for eight hours, they can’t be too productive anymore. They should go home and get back to work the next day. By then, they will feel more motivated to work.

These are only some ways to show support to your employees. Try to ask them what other ways they think the company can be of support. It’s not only about helping them to be better. It also encourages them to stay. Remember that employees decide to be loyal to their job not only because of decent pay. They also do it because they love the work environment. If they feel supported in many ways, they will continue being with the team. It’s great for companies to have loyal employees.