Back with album number three, Submotion Orchestra deliver \”Alium\”, a twelve-track collection of songs released via Counter Records, the offshoot imprint of the mighty Ninja Tune. The group, lead by the gorgeous songstress Ruby Wood, and their music have seen them become one of the most in demand live outfits of recent years and \”Alium\” is more evidence as to why you need to check them them out on record too.

Melodic, subtle, atmospheric – some of the words you can use to describe some of the material contained within \”Alium\”. Whether it’s the groove of \”City Lights\”, the bold riffs of \”Chrome Units\” or percussive \”Bring Back The Wolf\”. Or you prefer the more downtempo moments of tracks like album closer \”Worries\”, the twinkling beauty of \”The Hounds\” or the haunting melancholia of \”Time Will Wait\” (the undoubted standout of \”Alium\”), the creative diversity of Submotion Orchestra is front and centre on this album.

You can purchase a copy here.