As many songs are being released in order to get ready to top the Summer music charts, it seems that one track seems to have already hit that spot. 22-year-old Audien is set to make his Spinnin\’ Records debut, with a new vocal track that features none-other-than Matthew Koma. Audien is able to bring his melodic style into his latest track, \”Serotonin\”, and then absolutely murders it with a killer electro drop. Koma\’s vocals interlace well with the beat, and there\’s no doubt that this will get HOURS of radio play, and could quite possibly top the Billboard charts, as well as Beatport. Here\’s what Audien had to say about the track, via Billboard:

With Serotonin, I wanted to challenge myself and my audience by emulsifying some unexpected production elements with my signature sound, I\’m indebted to Matthew for taking the track to the next level with his delightfully seductive words and voice.

Matthew Koma states that he already had the idea of the lyrics for a song called \”Serotonin\”, and remembered that Audien\’s progression and arrangement ideas were a perfect fit for his music. This is without a doubt one of the best songs of 2014, and you should be sure to stream the full track below, and pick up \”Serotonin\” when it hits Beatport on June 16th.