What’s an iconic trait that follows the trend of Steve Aoki? Throwing cakes at fans of course.
The frontrunner in founding the EDM scene in the U.S. is notorious for his party tactics that include sniping fans with cakes, but surprisingly enough, fans absolutely love it.

Well, the tables turned for Aoki recently when he got his cake thrown back at him. *Spoiler Alert* It didn’t end too well. In celebration of the pioneer’s special day and also the 20th anniversary for his label Dim Mak Records, Aoki and his team prepared multiple to-be-thrown cakes for the occasion. After sharing his words of thanks, Aoki deliberately asked fans to stand up front if they wish to get caked – and you guessed it – multiple cake lovers stood in line for their turn.

Unfortunately (?) this didn’t end too well when an excited dripping-with-cake fan decided to turn the tables and share the tasty dough with his beloved birthday man.

He did successfully cake Aoki, but in the process also caked his CDJ’s, which caused the hardware to malfunction and stop the music.
Watch the circulating video below and remember, if the opportunity ever comes, at least try not to aim near the gear.

Happy birthday Steve!