With each release, Stealth has slowly made his presence known within your musical subconscious. Taking hold of every synapse with drops of LFO induced devastation he’s now merged with the other figureheads of a dnb underworld to bring you his ‘Alliance’ EP.

Rolling up first alongside Stealth is Dirty Hertz, with the two producers proving their flare for contemporary drum and bass. Renowned for their intricately layered composition, ‘Revival’ is both uncompromising and delicately woven. Vigorously snapping hi-hats help to underpin an aggressive bassline, moving along a construction line gradually being built upon between pounding subs. It’s the perfect starter, helping to epitomise the sound Program represents; Aggressive musicality that boasts of ingenuity… the type that often goes unrivalled.

Then we’re introduced to Stealth & Xtrah’s ‘Everytime’. As you’d expect, this track is totally different from its predecessor, although it’s just as precisely orchestrated. Pushed forward by domineering drum loops, Stealth’s style oozes in between each bar; it’s a frequency that drops dangerously low. Wraith-like vocals dip in and out of the record’s stockier elements, with a juxtaposition which is tasteful whilst still making an impact.

Stealth and Stylus have already proved their working dynamics result in epic sound clashes and ‘Bulgan’ is no different. Building with intensity, there’s all out anarchy as it dives into a steppy riddim. This is then diced up by randomly ducking, skipping samples and winding breaks. With quickly zipping beats helping to pad out its configuration, there’s no mistaking the intricacy between every break. Stealth and Stylus smash it once again and they guarantee something new with every listen.

Lastly, Stealth and Quaed take the stand with ‘Passenger’. A demonstration of Stealth’s dynamics, the two begin with an intimidating fluctuation of note patterns overlaying a cinematic entrée. Metallic drums pound in between sections, creating a hard-driven melody which pulls you through a sonic-rollercoaster of sound. The perfect way to wrap up four sonic assaults, look no further for tracks to pull you into the season’s darker months.
A host of alliances from one of Program’s finest Stealth unleashes another defiant slab of bass. It’s the lead up to his debut album, a step towards another phenomenal release from the artist.

Out now on Beatport.