Just two months ago, we reported that this year\’s Spring Awakening Music Festival will be held in Chicago\’s Jackson Park, and festival organizers concurrently released pre-sale tickets, as well as promotional videos showcasing the dates and new venue. Unfortunately, it seems Spring Awakening\’s luck has come up short yet again.

According to local blog Jackson Park Watch, Chicago Park District\’s Kim┬ádu Buclet, who is the director of Legislative and Community affairs, allegedly verified that Spring Awakening Music Festival will not be held in Jackson Park. du Buclet also stated that the festival was selling tickets without a proper Park District permit, and is now being told to find a new venue for the event.

So, there you have it. While there has yet to be a public statement released, it seems that Spring Awakening is definitely making a big move, and many people on Reddit don\’t seem to be too hyped on the┬átransition. SAMF has also removed any traces of Jackson Park from its website. This also likely explains the lack of no official lineup, and promotional tools that would have normally appeared by this time prior to the event. You might remember we broke a partial lineup just a few weeks ago, after Spring Awakening\’s parent company SFX filed official bankruptcy documents. We\’ll be sure to update you on any new information as we receive it, and be sure to keep your eye on React Presents\’ social media accounts to be aware of any date changes or venue relocations.