Spring Awakening Music Festival 2015
Spring Awakening Music Festival 2015 By Ryan Pergola

The home of what is Chicago\’s largest electronic music festival may be no more. At least for Spring Awakening that is. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that city officials, in conjunction with Soldier Field, have officially signed off on the bid that will allow the 2016 Copa America Centenario to take place within the field – during the same time that the music festival typically takes place. The Copa America is one of the biggest North American soccer events, so it\’s really cool to see Chicago be apart of that, however, it begs the question, where will Spring Awakening be held?



Spring Awakening Music Festival has been held in the Soldier Field since 2012, and makes a great location for all attendees. Not being somewhere buried in the suburbs, or being in some location that is way too small, but Soldier Field – which lies right in the heart of Chicago and can comfortably fit the thousands of attendees that party at Spring Awakening each and every year.

As of September, DNAinfo reports Soldier Field officials stated that while losing the music in Chicago is disappointing, financially it would make far more sense to hold the Copa America tournament. Officials also stated that Spring Awakening and React were given a \”much more\” advanced notice to look for other venues, and such. However, the bid for the Copa America tournament is now finalized, and there is no word on whether Spring Awakening will be held after the Copa America in order to keep the tradition alive at Soldier Field, or if they will have to deal with a much smaller venue, seeing that the amount of space that the Soldier Field area offers is largely unparalleled within Illinois.

Last year, Spring Awakening made the announcement for the 2015 festival in December, so if history repeats, it should only be a matter of time until we hear any news for what\’s to come in 2016. Regardless of what happens, there\’s no doubt that Chicago will go hard wherever it\’s held and have a great time. We\’ll be sure to update you on any new developments regarding Spring Awakening 2016.