In the latest update in the music streaming world, Spotify has announced a deal with Dubset.  The agreement allows users to stream DJ-mixes, unofficial remixes, and other user-generated content that uses copyright material.  The legality of streaming has been put under pressure within the past few years.  At the center of the debate between streaming services, artists, and record labels, are copyright laws.

Essentially, the problem with streaming is record labels and artists are not getting proper royalties for usage of their material in unofficial remixes/mixes/content.  Dubset\’s distribution platform, MixBANK, provides a solution.  Using their \”MixSCAN\” technology to break down a mix, identify the songs, double check with rights, and then allocate royalties accordingly, it makes it possible to stream content while addressing the issues.

Earlier this year, Apple Music made a similar deal with MixBANK, in order to combat the same problem.  What\’s interesting to note is the overall impact that these deals are having in the larger music forum.  Soundcloud, the once loved now meh, streaming service made its rise to fame specifically on mixes and other user-generated content.  With their rise came the attention on the \”unfair usage\” and restrictions were made by labels.  Spotify and Apple Music are now taking steps toward dealing with those restrictions, while Soundcloud struggles to find relevance with it\’s own premium service.

All in all, the issue is important because it acts as a larger conversation between fans, artists, services, and labels.