In 2019 a whole process of legalization of sports betting started in Illinois, and now people there are finally able to bet on their favorite games and teams, without breaking any laws and rules. In the USA, there are general laws, but every state has an option to accept them, improve, update, or change, as needed. Even though betting and gambling are legal, not every state accepts it as a normal entertaining activity, and some of them are still strict about that.

According to, sports betting was legal since March 2022, but as we know, that’s the month when the pandemic was declared, and many things changed overnight. Almost one year later, people from Illinois are finally free to bet on everything they want, and the residents and tourists can access a lot of online betting locations, following the quotes and tips of the bookmakers, and trying to guess the right result at the end of the game.

It seems like it took a lot of time until the legalization process is completed, but we have to know that the pandemic made things pretty difficult. But, people there are finally happy to know that they can bet on the most popular sportsbooks like BetRivers, William Hill, DraftKings, PointsBet, and of course, FanDuel. In the initial phases of the legalization, the bettors could register online, but they also had an obligation to confirm their identity right at the physical betting place. The start of the pandemic made things easier for this part because that was the moment when the Governor allowed the people to register with their smartphones.

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How was this important law developed?

The whole process started in 2018 when the authorities showed interest to legalize sports betting in Illinois. This law started in the Illinois House and Senate, and the legislation was confirmed in 2019 by Governor Pritzker, who signed the bill a few days later.  In 2019, legislation was brought, with one condition – making this action taxable, and the money from that will go directly to the state’s budget. In March 2022 the first legal bet was placed, and in June the first online betting app was released.

As a result, people who live there can still bet, even though initially it was a temporary decision. But, as time goes by, we can see that every person over the age of 21 can legally gamble on sports events. The unit named Illinois Gaming Board is the one that is responsible for the regulations and their improvements over time.

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What can we tell about the sportsbooks?

We already mentioned the five sportsbook apps available in this state. DraftKings is allowing mobile betting, and the user can join them from any point in the state’s territory. Their supporter is Casino Queen. FanDuel is supported by Par-A-Dice Casino, and they also let the bettors join remotely. PointsBet is in a partnership with Hawthorne Race Course, and they are available for the betting enthusiasts since September 2022. BetRivers is a part of Rush Street Interactive, and in the initial phases, people needed to visit Rivers Casino Des Plaines to confirm their registrations. William Hill is a well-known brand in the betting world, and they offer many benefits for the most loyal players.

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What are the most favorite sports tips in Illinois?

According to the sources in the sportsbook betting places, bettors love to pick a winner and put their money on that. They follow the books and check the odds, so they can choose their favorite team for that day. Another favorite tip is predicting the difference between the points the teams will get during the game. For example, you can choose that one team will win, but as an addition, you can try to guess the exact result or the difference that will make them winners in the game. Also, you can try to predict over and underscores for every team in one match. The enthusiasts and experienced gamblers can choose to combine one or two tips, and usually, that results in big payouts. But, it’s a lot more complicated to predict something like that, than just picking up your favorite team as a winner.

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How to bet in Illinois?

The process is simple. You either have to visit a known URL or download the app you find the best for you. Then, you have to create an account and register with the information you are asked for. In order to start your account, you will need to deposit some minimal fund, and start playing. The money is usually transferred through the authorized payment method you choose.

When you win, you have a few options for withdrawal. You can transfer the money to your bank account, or you can move them to some electronic wallet, like PayPal or Skrill. Some of these apps will let you make payments with the virtual money in some places, especially fast-food restaurants they have a deal with.

You can choose love betting, or fixed tips, and that depends on your gambling habits and beliefs. If you feel lucky, you can try with risky bets, but if you don’t feel like that, but still want to place some bet, you can go for winning bets.

As soon as it was completely legalized, sports betting brought huge revenue to the state. Also, it’s the largest American state that legalized this type of gambling. So, we can say that we all expect that 2022 will be a great year for Illinois when it comes to profit from gambling activities.

With laws like this, a huge responsibility comes too. When a gambling or betting place is promoting their services, they must be careful if they target the right audience. Underage people are not able to bet until they turn 21 years. A lot of people are suffering from a gambling addiction, and that’s one of the reasons why it was so difficult for some states to accept these laws and adapt them in their policies and legislations. But, that doesn’t mean betting places and apps shouldn’t exist. People should be responsible for their actions, and no matter where they are in the world, self-control is one of the skills they must have, so they can avoid losing a lot of money on sports tips.