Dirty, filthy, and disgusting; some of us have a sweet tooth for dubstep.

Your daily dose of filth comes from none other than Snails, the mysterious Montreal producer who has taken the scene by storm. Seeing quick support from industry heavyweights like Skrillex and Adventure Club, Snails quickly became known for his very own distinct sound; vomit never sounded so sweet.

A hybrid of trap and dubstep has grown popular recently. Trap-step has the 808 sub kicks, hi hats, and snare rolls from trap along with the aggressive basslines and growls from dubstep. What was first simply titled as \’Oxxy,\’ SLUGZ contains all of these features, masterfully mixed by Snails. It also currently sits #5 on Beatport\’s Hip-Hop Top 10 chart.

This massive hybrid tune is being released on Kannibalen Records, a label ran by the futuristic trio Black Tiger Sex Machine. Known for touching the darker and dirtier side of dance music with artists like Kai Wachi and Apashe, this label is set to erupt in success.

If this is a preview to the future of dance music, the future looks bright. Producers like Snails are breaking boundaries and experimenting; I named him the top act to watch this summer.


Get in on the madness and listen to SLUGZ here: