Coming right after the release of Skrillex\’s long-awaited remix of GTA\’s \”Red Lips\”, it seems that fans of the OWSLA frontman are in for another surprise. Late last night, 2 of Skrillex\’s upcoming singles found their way on to the net, one of them being an all new original, and the other being a brand new collaboration with Wiwek.

The brand new track, seemingly titled \”Call Him The Devil\”, shows off a new side to Skrill\’s production. With a vocal introduction, reportedly by vocalist Wild Belle, the track then takes a turn into a mental trap-bounce record with a serious edge. \”Call Him The Devil\”, previously referred to as the Burning Man ID, is most definitely a step-up in terms of what we\’ve heard in previous Skrillex singles, and just has a modern and fresh vibe to it. So if we must say bye to dubstep Skrillex, I think the style showcased in this tune is worth replacing it with.

The second track, called \”Killa\”, is a collaboration with fellow OWSLA labelmate Wiwek, as well as some vocals from Elliphant. This one has been played out by both Skrillex and Wiwek a ton, and has definitely gained some support from the folks awaiting for the release. \”Killa\” definitely carries much more of a Wiwek vibe, than a Skrillex vibe, however, it\’s still a fun tune that people are loving.

No doubt this has to be a huge blow for Skrill, but the man has so many unreleased records, I think this leak was good for the fans. \”Call Him The Devil\” and \”Killa\” are both expected to drop sometime in the near future, however, there are no 100% confirmed release dates so far.

And to not leave you hanging, you can stream both \”Call Him The Devil\” and \”Killa\” in its entirety below.