After a successful record release, Skrillex has decided to take things to the next level with a song that happens to share its name with the album itself. His huge collaboration Recess featuring Slow Roast\’s all-star captain Kill The Noise, electronic indie band Passion Pit\’s lead singer Michael Angelakos, and hip-hop hype-machine Fatman Scoop has been reworked; these remixes come from 4 different acts in wide range.

The first remix comes from Milo & Otis. This duo saw the spotlight with Strangers, a collab with Skrillex appearing on the album. Their remix is a simple yet catchy trap-sounding tune.

The second remix is more for the live show; it\’s a festival ground banger from the likes of Valentino Khan. The tempo begins to slow mid-song and breaks down to a massive track.

The third remix is a heavy-hitting tune filled with loud drums and a dancehall vibe. This type of song is mastered by no one other than Ape Drums. This track will most likely see the main stage a few times this summer and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The fourth and final remix comes from UK dubstep legend Flux Pavilion. Feeling somewhat privileged to get to hear another one of Flux\’s mind-twisting reworks, this track quickly became my favorite. What\’s there not to love? It has all the melodic goodness and heavy bass from a classic Flux track. I personally cannot wait to come across this tune live.

Being officially announced yesterday, July 3rd, the release date on this remix pack is coming quick; expect to pick this up from Skrillex\’s OWSLA label on July 7th. Hey, your Monday won\’t be so bad with these released tracks; it\’s perfect recovery aid for this Fourth of July weekend.

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