Last week, news broke that Skrillex was producing a track with Korean pop group, 4minute, for their new EP, Act. 7. We were given a teaser of the track but assumed that we would hear it in its entirety at a later date, especially since Skrillex just released two brand new tracks on OWSLA\’s Worldwide Broadcast. But to our surprise, the track \”Hate\” has dropped.

The song starts off slow with sections by members, Sohyun and Gayoon and the only indication of Skrillex at this point are the horns going off in the background. Suddenly though, the song takes a totally different turn to quickly build up and drop an insane chorus. You can hear an array of sounds throughout the track, almost like a mash-up, but they are somehow perfectly woven together.

The video is just as sporadic with different environments and themes throughout. The members go from a beautiful garden to a dusty desert to a clocktower. They break it down with a group of dancers each time the chorus goes off and at other random times. The video is just as addicting as the song.

Check it out below:

Photo via SaoKpop