Skincare is a very popular topic nowadays, but most people consider it as a girly thing, which is very wrong. No matter if you are male or female, your skin has a protective role for your body, covering all the tissues and organs, that is responsible for us to be alive. We all know that skin damage may cause lots of health issues because it literally opens a door for dirt and bacteria to enter our bodies. That’s why we go to the doctor when we are hurt, so they can help the healing. Our skin also has an interesting life-saving feature. It renews by itself, so the wounds can heal. Acne and micro scars on our skin are also wounds, even though they aren’t very big. But, the fact is that no matter if you are a boy or a girl, you have to take care of it, or at least moisturize it every day.

Today, it’s a shame to separate things on a gender base. Just because you are a man, doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of your skin. We all know that popular jokes lead a lot of men to care less for their hair, face, and body. But, if you are on Instagram or TikTok, you will see that two of the most popular dermatologists who recommend skincare products and tips every day, are men, and they are Dr. Shah and Hyram Yarbro, who have millions of active followers. They share their skincare tips every day, offer product reviews, and as you can see – they are men who take care of their faces.

Maybe all those serums, cleansers, retinoids, acids, and mists are a mystery to you, but if you want, you can try to use them one by one. We guarantee that even though you have nice skin now, it will be even better after you find your proper skincare routine. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important for the men too:

1. Guys may have sensitive skin too

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All those pollution particles, bacteria, and dirt may cause lifetime damage to your skin, especially if it’s sensitive. Also, those men who shave their beards should know that they are damaging the top layer of the skin, and they should properly treat it after the shaving. That means that you need to have at least one moisturizing lotion for the days that come. The dirt from the air, or even the textile particles from your clothes and pillows, can fill up the pores with sebum, which may lead to acne if not treated properly. Also, you can check Anoque if you want to invest in a natural skincare routine if you don’t believe the drugstore options, or you think they are too aggressive for you.

2. Skin conditions don’t make a gender difference

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It’s true that men and women have different skin types, and that depends on the hormones. Most of the women have or had in the past problems with hormonal acne and some of them have scars even when they are adults. But, that doesn’t mean men can’t suffer from some skin condition that should be treated properly. Sometimes, regular exfoliating and everyday moisturizing will prevent some future skin condition or damage. Due to facial hair, men’s skin is thicker and more elastic, and that’s why it’s less prone to cystic acne. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t become oily due to hair glands and trap pollution dirt in the pores after shaving. So, it’s better to prevent, than fixing it later.

3. Sunburns may cause long-term damage and skin cancer

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One thing you shouldn’t forget every day is using an SPF cream or lotion, because sunburns may cause serious skin conditions, including skin cancer. If you start a skincare routine that you will practice every day, then you must invest in a quality SPF, and wear it even in the winter months, because the UV-rays can reach you even when it’s cloudy outside.

4. To fix the first signs of aging

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Men age differently than women, and it’s usually ungrateful to compare the genders when it comes to hormones, skin, and aging. But, here are a few things we can learn from girls and women – you need to wash and cleanse the face daily, and use a nice moisturizer after that. If you want to add something more to your routine, then you can invest in a mild chemical exfoliate, and some hydration cream rich with retinol and hyaluronic acid. These are the crucial parts of every anti-aging treatment, but before you do anything, you need to check your skin type, so you won’t buy products that are not suitable for it.

5. You really need to start taking care of yourself

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This is the right year to finally bust the popular myth that men can wash their hair, face, and body with the same product. But, since the first “wave” of man skincare started with the beard grooming products, many of them realized that it’s always better to take care of their skin, avoiding the taboo, and busting the common myth that boys have great skin without needing to do anything. But, as we can see, in the drugstores and perfumery shops, there are special tailored collections suitable for men’s care. Probably a lot of guys in this world find the modern Korean beauty trends and active ingredients serums consuming, but that doesn’t mean they need to try everything of that.

As we already said before, a nice cleanser and a good moisturizer are enough if you have normal skin but if you have problem and moisturizer and cleanser doesn’t work as you would like, there are many treatments for skin like skin PRP treatment according to You can consult a cosmetics expert or dermatologist if you have some uncommon condition, so they can recommend more products for you.

6. Shaving may cause problems too

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Basically, shaving is regular exfoliation for men’s skin, and that’s one of the main reasons why their face is smooth and glowing. But, on the other hand, this action is removing the top layer of it, exposing the skin to dirt and bacteria. So, you must be careful with that and don’t overdo it if you don’t really need to shave at this moment. But, that doesn’t mean that if you grow a beard you won’t have to take care of your face – just the opposite – you will need to additionally use trimming products and oils, to keep that facial area moisturized and clean.

And you will also have to take care of your beard growth if you love to have one. The best way to do it is to have a perfect beard growth kit that would take care of it all. In this digitised world, you can easily get one for yourself from the best digital healthcare platforms like numan.


So, we hope you find this article helpful, and you will be able to take care of your skin, no matter what the popular myths say.