Stress is a condition that not many of us are immune to. It can be encountered in any sphere of your life. Whether it is personal life, work, or family, stress is always there. Most of us have to find a way to overcome it and beat it. This is not always easy to do. Some people meditate, others go to therapy, and some even use medications. Working out is also an option. The best route to take is to get over it naturally with a trick of your own.

Have you found a way to get rid of stress and get back to normal every time you feel under pressure or agitated? If you haven’t, don’t stress about it. Maybe we have a solution. It is not an orthodox one but it can help. Trust us, many people have tried what we’re suggesting and it works.

Have you heard of a magnetic fidget slider or fidget sliders in general? For a while, they were quite popular and in-trend all over the social media platforms. The young people simply fell in love with them, but today all of us can benefit from a fidget slider.

All you have to do is be open-minded. That’s not hard. Once you’re prepared to accept what’s right in front of you, some of the stress you’ve accumulated will simply go away. But, we’re not expecting you to trust our words for it.

Firstly, you’ll get one and see how it makes you feel. Secondly, you will read all the points in this article, and become aware of all the positive things a simple fidget spinner can have.

So, let us help you slide the stress away. Here are a few of the most obvious ways how fidget sliders can help you stay calm and focused.

A Distraction


Stress is a dangerous enemy. It attacks both the body and the mind. It affects both our mental and physical health. It is a disease that consumes modern society. None of us are immune. Stress is present in all spheres of society and not even the youngest generations are free of it. So, where does the spinning fidget come into play?

It is a great weapon against stress, anxiety, and similar conditions. When you have one, the only way to use it is by having it in your hands. The moment you make it and start spinning it will start working its magic. It is a great distraction to both issues of the body and the mind. Stress will go away when your mind and your body get distracted.

There’s nothing better for a distraction than a simple tool such as this one. The best way to find out if we’re right is to try it out. It is a cheap and practical solution to all the issues you might have with stress. A simple distraction.

Energy Channeling Tool

When under stress your internal energy will be in a state of chaos. This is normal when under stress. But, stress is not normal. No one should get used to it. It is a wrong approach to problem-solving.

Instead, you should look at ways to refocus your energy and push it in the right direction. Enter fidget spinner. Having one in your hand is a great way to show both your body and mind where you want to direct the energy flow.

Having it all go to one place, which is not your muscles or your brain but the palm of your hand will bring your energy to normal. By simply focusing on one point and accentuating it, you will be in a better place in no time.



With stress, it is all about focusing. When you are focused and dedicated to a goal stress will not find its way in. But, what defines stress is a clear lack of focus. So, what you need is to save your brain from the thoughts that stress brings in. Not an easy task.

But, a simple redirection can help. Having a fidget spinner in your hands is a great way to do a redirection. Just change the flow. It is like creating a perfect song. Not easy. No music isn’t created nor the words that haven’t been said.

It is where your lack of creativity could come in handy. Simply let your body and mind rest. Send the thoughts to the hand – to the spinner.

It sounds like a trick, it works like a trick but a redirection created with a fidget spinner is magic. It’s not a medicine per se, but it could be used as a treatment soon enough. After all the results are evident on the first attempt.

Visual Aid

Fidget spinners come in many shapes and forms. Not all of them have to be held in our hands to feel relief. Some of them can spin right in front of us. So, it is only a physical aid, it can also be a visual one. To receive the benefits from this device you do not have to be physically holding it.

Imagine you’re working on a job that requires you to sit behind a desk staring at a monitor for eight straight hours. It could be easy. But during the day you’ll have ups and downs and your mood can swing. Stress will find a way to penetrate even the calmest of minds.

So, a helping tool might be a spinner that you’ll leave spinning on the desk for a few moments. You don’t have to hold it, just look at it. It can be a great aid in the visual sense. For some of us having visual relief can do the trick.



When thinking about stress and how to get rid of it, the last thing you’ll have in mind is a fidget spinner. After today, that opinion changed, right? We believe that we made it. Haven’t we? This article did all of the things a fidget spinner can do.

We redirected your thoughts and redirected your mind. Today you know that they are both physical and visual aid devices that can help you with stress. All that is left is to take on and give it a try.