Dropping on 2 Many Freckles/Svenska Inspelningar/Universal Music is the official remix package of the stunning \”Chemicals\” from Sweden’s Sirena. Having been released for over two months now the uplifting vocal has been taken to another level with the help of three extremely talented artists.

We begin the journey with Televisor who smashes out a welcomed blend of old and the new, incorporating strong disco elements around a house groove. The mood darkens ever so slightly with Nils Noa bringing the deeper sounds to the table over complex percussive elements, while closing the show, a brighter light is shone by Addal – who adds another fresh sound with a strong sense of uniqueness that compliments Sirena\’s vocals.

Out now, this package is a must buy and a fine example of how one vocal can be transported to so many different places with the use of clever writing. You can buy a copy here.