If you made a mistake, the best way to resolve matters is to say you are sorry. But if your actions or behavior has hurt someone you love and care about, then the best way to say you are sorry would be to send flowers. This way, you would show that you are apologetic about your behavior and looking forward to mending the fences.

Flowers also represent love and affection. Hence, you need only to send flowers if you have hurt your spouse or partner and you want to say sorry. If you have injured your parents’ feelings, you can also send flowers expressing your regret for your behavior. Flowers are bound to bring a smile to the face of the receiver, and they will forgive you. It is difficult to stay angry when you receive a perfect floral arrangement with the most beautiful flowers. It will bring a smile to the face of the person that you want to say you are sorry to. Some of the reasons why flowers are the best way to say sorry are as follows:

1. Expression of unconditional love


There are very few things that express unconditional love as well as flowers. When you say it with flowers, it makes the apology genuine, and you express unconditional love for the person. However, it is essential to know which flowers represent unconditional love and whether it is ideal for sending it to the person you wish to apologize to. You need to consider your relationship with the person and the cause for the apology. For example, if you have hurt your partner or spouse, you can apologize by sending her many red roses. These represent the romantic feelings you have for your partner and that you are genuinely sorry for your actions or behavior. However, roses might not be ideal if you are apologizing to a person who is senior to you. Here it would be best if you were careful about the flowers that you choose. Say, for instance, you want to say you are sorry to your mother here too, you will like to express your unconditional love. But along with that, you will need to express your love and respect. So if you apologize to your mother, you should send her beautiful tulips as these represent our sincerest apologies.

2. Flowers represent forgiveness

If you have had a quarrel with your loved one and do not want the cause of the conflict to persist, then you should send flowers that represent forgiveness. You need to select flowers that show that you are genuinely apologetic for your behavior. Some of the ways that flowers represent forgiveness are as follows:

  • If you are seeking forgiveness, then you can send flowers that symbolize humility, love and affection. For example, you can send lilies as these flowers are delicate in appearance and represent both love and humility; since ancient times, lilies have been known to express devotion and been given as holy offerings.
  • However, if you are uncomfortable giving your loved one many white lilies, you can add a touch of color by choosing light-coloured lilies. For example, you can choose yellow and pink lilies to add a touch of color to the floral arrangement. It will also show the thought you have put in while selecting the flowers to make the arrangement. Finally, it will also show how intent you are in seeking forgiveness from the person you are sending the flowers to.
  • These are necessary to show that you are apologetic for your behavior and you are seeking forgiveness. The unique thing about sending lilies is that you can send them to nearly everyone. In other words, you do
  • .not have to worry much about the relationship that you share with the person.
  • Unlike roses which indicate romantic feelings, lilies are more neutral and demure flowers. Hence, you can send to almost all loved ones in your life. Moreover, you can be assured that the flowers will represent genuinely apologetic for your behavior and seek forgiveness in all humility.

By sending a floral arrangement with beautiful lilies, you will say many things you would otherwise have to articulate. The person receiving the flowers would know that you genuinely mean the apology and would be quick in forgiving you. Apology, when asked with humility, means more than a simple sorry.

3. Best way to overcome misunderstandings

Flowers are also one of the best ways to say that you are sorry about the misunderstanding between you and your friend, partner or loved one. Sometimes issues occur between two people out of misconceptions.

This can happen even between friends. If you have had a fallout with a close friend due to a misunderstanding, then you mustn’t let the misunderstanding continue for long and resolve it at the earliest. One of the easiest ways to do that would be to send flowers to your friend. If you know her favorite flowers, you can choose a floral arrangement with these blooms.

Otherwise, you can opt for an arrangement with a combination of flowers like carnations, yellow roses, gardenias and orchids. These are safe choices when it comes to apologizing for a misunderstanding.

You can also send these flowers to a friend who is of the opposite gender, without any worries as these flowers do not represent any romantic feelings. Your friend will understand that you are keen to overcome the misunderstanding and move on, which is best for any relationship.


When you send flowers to say you are sorry, you put in a lot of thought behind the action. This will show that you care about the person and do not want them to be angry with you. Selecting the correct type of flowers representing your feelings is necessary to ensure that your thoughts are portrayed correctly. Then, on receiving the flowers, you will find that the person will be quick to forgive you, and your relationship can go back to as it was before.

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