A lot of people live and work overseas. While being away from their families, they miss out on several opportunities for family gatherings. But you can now send and receive gifts internationally. So if you cannot come back for the birthday of your dear sister, you can send her flowers. Isn’t it better to show a sign of goodwill instead of just saying some words?

But sending flowers internationally? You might think about this question because flowers need to be fresh when they reach their destination. Moreover, international flights take hours, if you are living too far away. So what will you do? Well, there isn’t anything to worry about. You can use moscow flower delivery services Like felicita-flowers.com.

They have a wide channel of delivering flowers and gifts. Apart from a bouquet, you can also send a basket of chocolates or fruits. You just have to go to felicita-flowers.com and select the gift you want.

And if you are worried about the way of sending flowers internationally, there are certain ways of doing it. If you are living in a place too far away, flowers won’t be as fresh when they reach their destination. Therefore, you need to be careful regarding how you send the flowers.

So, here are some of the ways that you can use;

1. Use floral delivery service

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There are delivery companies that especially send floral bouquets internationally. All you need to be careful of is to check whether they deliver them to your country or not. Although some companies provide services for more than 100 countries, you should double-check your destination.

The only problematic thing with this option is that it will cost you a bit more. You have to pay the sending fee and the payment for flowers if you use such a service. And the fee for international delivery is a bit high. Thus, you need to pay a higher fee in comparison to the fee for other gifts, because flowers are sensitive. Furthermore, they need more care and must be delivered at the right time. And of course, this will cost you a bit higher.

However, there are also cheaper options that you can use. There are florists in every country and every city. Therefore, some delivery companies work together with them. You will place your order and they will contact the florist in that area and send fresh flowers on time. This option is cost-effective and timely too.

The cost only becomes higher if you choose flowers that are not found in your destination country. Because then the deliverer will have to buy them from their country of origin and make sure that they reach on time and at their time of arrival, they are fresh.

2. Using a floral shop near your home

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One of the cheapest ways of sending flowers to your loved ones is to use a service provider nearby. There will be floruits near your home. So you can ask some of your friends regarding a trustable florist and contact him. This won’t cost you any international delivery fee.

Furthermore, several florists provide the option of delivering at home. But if you cannot find any such florist, you can contact a delivery service company. You can easily find such companies that deliver bouquets and flowers. Thus, they will get the bouquet from the florist and send it to the destination.

3. Contact your friends

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Another easier way of sending flowers on time is through your friends. You must have childhood friends with whom you still remain in contact to the day. If you have any such friend who can do the work, you don’t need someone else or any service provider. Plus, you don’t have to pay him anything. Just send him the money to buy flowers and he will deliver them to your home.

4. Skipping the 3rd party

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Another way of delivering flowers internationally is without 3rd party interference. Thus, there will be only you and the delivery service. There are companies like FedEx, DHL and UPS. All these companies send parcels internationally.

What you have to do is to buy a bouquet, go to the shipping company and send them. Although there are also some regular shipment options, that will take a long time and your flowers will wilt away. Therefore, the best option is to use a trustable and quick shipping company. They will make sure that your bouquet remains in its perfect shape once it arrives at its destination.

But if you are sending it by yourself, you need to take extra precautions. Here are some tips to help you out;

  1. Buy flowers that remain fresh for a longer time. Never choose a very sensitive flower for international shipment. It will get damaged easily through temperature change and you have to pay a high amount for its shipment.
  2. After you buy your flowers, wrap the bottom part of the stems with a wet towel. This will ensure water supply to the petals and prevent wilting. Furthermore, they won’t get dry easily.
  3. Or you can choose to dip the stems in water for a short while and then put them in a plastic bag while the water is dripping. Now tie up the plastic bag so the water remains in there. This will also lock in the moisture and will prevent dryness.

5. Using a mail service

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Another way to send flowers is through the mail. This won’t cost you anything much but just a regular shipping fee. But you need to pack flowers carefully. You can take a wooden or hard material box that won’t get bent while sipping. Place your bouquet in that box and wrap it up. Firstly, you have to place a cotton sheet on the base and put flowers on it. Then put a paper sheet on top of the flowers. Now lock the box and send it by mail.