Custom skincare has been a thing since 2020 because we finally realized how important is to pay attention to our skin. There are so many products out there, making the goal to find the perfect one quite impossible. We have so many serums, spot treatments, body moisturizers, and other special products to use. But, what it really means to sell skincare products as a side hustle?

Does it mean you need to prepare the products yourself? Or maybe launch a personal brand? Sometimes, collaboration with skincare brands is an option too.

What does it need to be a side hustle? And can your side hustle become a main resource of money for you?

All these answers depend on what you really want to accomplish.

If you want to make money for a living, you will have to put a lot more effort into your skincare online business.

Today, we will talk about how it’s possible.


Determine your business model

When it comes to skincare, you have two options. To establish collaborations with brands and sellers, and be a promotor, brand ambassador, or reseller. The other option is to launch your own brand. Surely, sounds like a big challenge. And indeed, it is, since it requires a lot of work.

But, is it possible to have your own skincare brand in 2024? Just think about all those cosmetics influencers who launched products at some point. There are many examples, so why wouldn’t you copy their idea, but invest more effort into this?

It’s completely possible to have your own custom skin care brand, using the advantages of private labels. This way, you decide if you’ll sell your products, or collaborate with other brands.

Building an eCommerce business at its finest

Now that you know what you need to do, and how to do it, it’s time to think about logistic solutions. First, you will need a completely functional website, so you can sell the products. You can choose between advanced eCommerce templates, take photos, add great descriptions, and customize the whole experience.

Next thing is to use two powerful tools – social media and search engines.

Social media is all about building a community around you. You can start a page with skincare tips, or use your own profiles to share your care insights. Also, you can invite more people to join your community. This way, you build a brand and raise awareness.

And when it comes to search engines, it’s not that easy to implement SEO for your new business. But, if you have a clear target group, you will understand their intentions, and give them solutions through your website.

This way, you will figure out the relevant keywords, and optimize your site for search engines. It’s the only way to increase organic traffic, without even using the PPC approach.

Source: The Balance Small Business

Think about going commercial

If you have great products, there is no need to keep these things quiet. You can launch a great collection, and provide specific care products to anyone. So, why keep it a secret? Maybe you will get a license and export, making it your main income for money.

Determine what type of products you will sell

The skincare market is huge. There are so many cleansers, serums, toners, moisturizers, ampoules, face masks, and specific treatments. They all target different skin areas and treat different issues.

Our suggestion is to start with your needs and skin issues. If you have dry skin, you need to compile a collection of moisturizing products. But, how far can you go? With private labels, you can choose the packages, ingredients, advertising, and even work on the formula. It’s up to you to decide if you want organic products, natural ingredients, or completely synthetic substances.

You should work with professional dermatologists, and test every product you plan to launch. This way, you provide exceptional quality control, and you know you only offer the best for potential customers.

Source: Business Module Hub

How can I achieve success in this business for sure?

Success is a relative thing. What is success for you? Is it having your own brand or making money from reselling beauty products? Do you perhaps have a more specific idea of ​​what you would like to achieve?

What you need to know is that the market is crowded with many cosmetic products. There are so many brands, products, and even chain drugstores with overflowing shelves. Consider whether you want to become part of such an industry.

There is no recipe to achieve sufficient sales. You need to know what you want to achieve and what you are actually aiming for.

Currently, there are so many brands that rule the industry and hardly allow any competitor to stand out. Would you want such discouragement? Or maybe it’s the motivation for you?

The good news is that if you try hard enough, you will find success in at least a limited market, to begin with. The even better news is that with the help of social networks you have the chance to develop faster than you expect. And here the question arises whether you could serve such a demand.

You need to be prepared for anything, even extremes – either to fail or to achieve greater success than you expected.

Is this business profitable?

Cosmetics are always profitable. Whether it’s facial, hair, or body care, you can always count on the potential for profit.

However, we advise you to research the market well and detect if something is missing. That way, you will more easily plan what you could introduce as a novelty, and what to avoid due to too much competition.



You must have an additional plan for each risk. And so for the skin care business. Take a good look at our tips and judge for yourself if there is a need for a new skinker brand at the moment or if you can just make some brands more available in the local market.

Selling skin care products can indeed be a great side hustle, especially when you know how to do it.