There are not many worthy representatives of the genre in the MMORPG games market. And if we were asked to name the top five, then Runescape would certainly be included in it. Many people like to compare it with Warcraft, which in itself is a compliment.

As in almost any other MMORPG game, the main currency is gold. You can farm it yourself, however, many consider it a rather boring activity that can kill interest in the game. Nevertheless, if you do not have gold, then you will practically not be able to play, because the necessary items are purchased for it. Thus, we get problems – gold needs to be farmed, but it is not interesting to do this. In this case, boosting services come to the rescue. In these companies, players can purchase runescape gold without difficulty. This is a legal and safe service, provided you order it from a reliable boosting company.

The core of Runescape is skills pumped independently of each other. There are combat skills, mining skills, craft skills, and some others. There are no classes to choose from when creating a character (a striking difference from other games), you can use any style of combat (warrior, archer, mage) by developing the appropriate skills that open up the possibility of using the right equipment. The level is calculated according to the formula from the set of combat skills.

Our character in the game RuneScape, if you notice, has a lot of non-combat skills, and the most inconvenient thing is that they are all needed. You will have to pump craft and agriculture and fishing and everything else in the RuneScape game. Otherwise, you will run into a problem at some point. Something like “You can’t process the ore while the quest is unfinished”. And that’s all, even though you burst, progress will rise and this issue cannot be overcome without completing the quest.

Today we will look at farming and crafting, and how to do it quickly and with a double benefit for yourself.

Why do we need to boost non-fighting skills and crafting


As we have mentioned above, firstly, you can run into a quest, which can freeze progress. And without being able to create more powerful equipment or more effective food (due to a stop in skill development), we will ultimately not be able to properly complete dungeons and even quests.

To quickly upgrade farming (Farming) to level 10, we will collect flax, pump craft (Crafting), and earn hard cash. To put it simply – “let’s kill two birds with one stone” and replenish the wallet.

Flax plantation in the starting city


In the initial city in RuneScape, where the character first appears (not in the tutorial, but after it), there is an abundance of forests, fish rivers, mines with ore, and pens with livestock and birds. There are also gardens or plantations where you can collect different vegetation. We need linen.

Now let’s start collecting flax. By the way, it is used to create a bowstring, which is needed to craft a beginner ranger bow.

Craft and earnings

After you fill your inventory with flax, go to the spinning wheel. By clicking on the spinning wheel, start the production of a bowstring. We carry the finished bowstring to the NPS and sell it (since we don’t need a bowstring).

By selling the bowstring, we will make good money. Since a beginner is always tight with money at first, we consider this a big plus.

RuneScape crafting and selling products



Runescape is a game for those who like to craft and upgrade their character skills. And there’s a wide variety of activities for that, which is why the game still has a high rating on IMDb. Process step by step:

  • Collecting flax – we pump agriculture. Not as fast as we would like, but coupled with crafting and selling products, the option is doubly profitable.
  • By producing a bowstring, we upgrade the craft in RuneScape. Crafting needs to be lifted to the ceiling, as quickly as possible. Since it is one of the most important non-weapon skills in the game.
  • Selling a bowstring – we pump our wallet. Well, we are not pumping, but we are replenishing and not quite unsuccessfully.

How to earn gold?


Through boosting services, this may be accomplished the quickest. Here are a couple of methods, though, if you want to give it a shot on your own.

The ability to gather potatoes may be required. This is a simple technique to get money early on in the game. Potatoes can be gathered, kept, and sold.

Shearing sheep is another method. This method requires scissors, which can then be used on sheep to obtain wool. You can spin wool on a spinning wheel, turning it into balls of wool to increase profits and train your crafting skills at the same time.

Mining is the main way to earn money, no matter where you are in the game. As you level up your mining skill, this will allow you to mine even more ore for more profit.

You can mine copper ore or clay first, then iron ore, moving up to adamantine ore. Upgrading your pickaxe whenever possible will also help you collect the most ore for the most money.

In conclusion

Runescape is a leveling game, and so-called “skillers” are the main audience. There are a lot of options for developing skills, and if you get tired of one way, you can always look for a more exotic one or do another skill. You can also get exp for skills or items that speed up the set of exp, in quests, mini-games, and periodic entertainment.

We hope that our guide has given you a general idea of where to start as a beginner. If you have not tried this game yet, we advise you to definitely start playing. Runescape game is very popular. You can get news about it not only from official forums but also by listening to podcasts. It’s a game that’s been around for years but still brings a huge number of online players together every day.