tiesto ultra

As usual with big festivals comes, well, conspiracies and trolls who set out to prove that a DJ was using a prerecorded set or \”Fake DJing.\”  Ultra was not immune to this phenomenon and Deadmau5 was quickly on the scene, calling out the sisters of Krewella for not having their equipment plugged in. Krewella struck back, posting pictures proving they were indeed plugged in and a video was also posted to prove it.

Now  Rukes comes onto the scene, a photographer for Ultra Music festival, has been posting pictures on twitter proving the legitimacy of everyone\’s set.

Here\’s a RAW, straight from the camera photo of @Krewella\’s setup at Ultra. Looks fine to me. pic.twitter.com/m306X70mVX

— Rukes (@rukes) March 30, 2015

@HARDWELL for your haters/stupid people out there, here is a RAW photo, straight from the camera: pic.twitter.com/56bOZZaBI1

— Rukes (@rukes) March 30, 2015

Since I got some requests, here\’s a @davidguetta proof pic, a bit dark but look at the on-jog displays. pic.twitter.com/AqvUtPsEBm

— Rukes (@rukes) March 31, 2015

It\’s a bit frustrating that people spend more time trying to disprove others sets instead of sitting back and enjoying what a wonderful festival Ultra really is.