Thanks to the influx in similar businesses, the globe is in dire need of creative minds. It is essential for entrepreneurs to be innovative in their marketing campaigns to gain a competitive advantage and establish their authority.

The internet is experiencing massive traffic of users looking to satisfy their needs. Research shows that more than 50% of customers will search the internet before purchasing the product they want. As such, there is need for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the evolution of marketing processes to remain relevant.

Business can leverage the benefits of digital marketing in a myriad of ways. Among the plethora of marketing tools available, videos are a popular and versatile option when targeting online platforms. Leading video producers like Spiel claim that videos are a powerful tool in marketing on digital platforms.

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Videos: A Necessary Tool For Target Marketing

Target marketing has become the new way for businesses to attract customers. Artificial and business intelligence in operations will help identify customer demographics the venture serves. It helps content creators to know the type of video and content to use in the marketing campaigns.

Videos are a necessary tool for target marketing. They offer companies the opportunity to tell their story to clients and provide solutions to potential or existing customers. It also enlightens the public on the benefits of various business products and services.

Currently, several factors determine the impact an explainer video can have on the audience. What is conveyed in videos should include activities depicting real-life situations. These include stories that happen daily, emotions, motifs, and other creative techniques that make the video more appealing to watch. Making the content more relatable to the audience sets up the business to make a sale. It also builds a relationship between the customer and the company, leading to revenue from continuous business with the clients.

Explainer videos are one of the best ways to market a business and convert potential clients on various digital media platforms. It is something every organization needs to consider in the execution of its sales and marketing plans.

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So, Whats The Role of Explainer Videos in Sales and Marketing?

Whenever businesses are introducing new products in the market or want to help clients learn how to use products, videos are the best tools to use. They have a way of commanding attention and can help convert potential clients into sales. Here are some roles that explainer videos play in modern business processes;

1. Product Description

Videos are ideal tools to help customers understand more about the product a business is offering. There is no limit to the creativity to incorporate for the video to be engaging to the audience. Professional video production firms have the expertise to animate. They also use special effects on advertisements. It will make it irresistible for the audience and will most probably watch the video until the end.

The best content should be strategic in the way it portrays the products to clients. It can start with the features, explain how it is beneficial, and also why it is valuable to the audience. Although explainer videos are short, the business needs to relay all the relevant information within two minutes or less.

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2. Customer Loyalty

Businesses realize the importance of customer loyalty as businesses try to recover from the economic effects of the global COVID19 pandemic. As the deadly virus is still limiting the way people do business, online platforms are becoming an important place to explore. Explainer videos can fill the gap as it offers industry-related solutions to client’s needs.

It is vital to make the content entertaining as it sells your products and services to the audience. Animated videos are versatile ways to entertain the audience and tell the company’s story. Whenever the customers buy into the company culture, they will become loyal clients. It means that they will refer their friends and loved ones with similar needs to your business for solutions.


3. Explains Concepts Effectively

Videos effectively communicate a message to the audience as it incorporates audio and video to deliver the message. However complicated a concept may be, it is easier to explain it using a video than opting for audio or text mediums. By breaking down the information, you can effectively explain concepts. However, it is critical to go systematically to make it easy for the audience to follow.

All kinds of businesses are using explainer videos in their marketing strategies. The main objective is for the companies to explain to customers about their products and services. It may be challenging for them to understand the message from other forms of marketing tools.

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4. Customer Service

Explainer videos eliminate the need to have personnel explain to customers how to use the company products. Customer service can focus on handling other critical challenges from clients.

Businesses need to have explainer videos for all kinds of processes. It aids potential clients to know what to do without having to contact the support services onsite. Also, it helps acquaint customers with what they purchase and how to maintain it. Such an initiative will leave the customer satisfied and a brand ambassador by telling others about your services.

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5. Brand Awareness

In the modern business environment, it is common to see companies using videos to promote their brands. They select a unique tone that distinguishes them from competitors and making customers easy to identify the business. It entails incorporating the company’s logo in the content. The business can have a personalized theme song they use in their advertisements. Other essentials for brand awareness include colour, mission, and product taglines.


There are lots of things to consider when coming up with a marketing strategy. On the other hand, investing in video production equipment and personnel is expensive. Businesses can outsource the services to professional video production companies. They have the expertise and qualifications to produce high-quality videos according to your business marketing needs.