If you are planning to rent a laptop for a period of more than a few days, you might be concerned about how much the charges will be. It is important to think carefully about whether you need the laptop or not before renting it. Remember that laptops are expensive devices and the charges will reflect this. You don’t want to pay too much for a laptop just for the sake of it. However, there are ways to find a great laptop rental deal.

Companies offering laptop rental services often offer quick quotes. The quick quote is based on the number of usable hours. The minimum rental fee is usually $200 per week, with the additional rental week starting on the same day the laptop is rented. After the minimum and regular fees of $200, the fee is charged at a flat rate. The prices of cheap laptop rentals vary considerably depending on the brand and size of the laptop.

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Laptops can be classified into two different categories:

Business laptops and gaming laptops

Business notebooks are larger and more powerful than gaming laptops. Hence, they carry a higher price tag as well. However, business notebooks are ideal for use during the working season and for people who need a more powerful computer during that period.

Reasons why businesspeople rent laptops and not buy them.

Business laptops are designed to perform better and are also more reliable than laptops used for personal computing. The price of a trade show laptops is lower than that of laptops rented for short-term periods. For example, a trade show laptop costs less than three month’s rent for a week. This means that if you need a laptop for a week long period, you would only need to pay a fraction of the cost of a full laptop – or even a laptop lease for that matter.

Depending upon the reason for renting laptop, you could be provided with onsite support in the form of technicians, support services, or remote access to help you solve your problems. Onsite support is usually offered for free by the rental companies. The charges of this service depend upon the type of laptop you are renting and whether you will be using it for onsite usage or offsite usage. However, remote access to the laptop, as opposed to onsite support, depends upon the software and hardware features included in the laptop.

Technical Support

Generally, onsite technical support comes along with the onsite rental services. The charges of this technical support vary greatly depending upon the software and hardware features included in the laptop. Thus, it is imperative that you check the specifications of the hardware and software in the laptops technical support before availing of these services. If the technical support offered by the rental company is of poor quality, you may end up having problems with your laptop later on. Thus, it is important to ensure that the laptop technical support is of good quality before renting such a device.

Get a quick quote on laptops

There are several ways through which you can get a quick quote on laptops. You can make an inquiry through various websites related to rental of these devices. The charges of renting laptops vary as per the number of hours of use, the type of computer system you have, the rental period and also the storage capacity of the laptop. Thus, if you are looking for laptops for rent, it is essential that you do some quick price comparisons among various companies in order to get a quick quote.


Laptop rentals also include accessories like printers, scanners, USB drives, etc. When you rent computers laptop, you could avail of the various special offers from the rental companies. In most cases, the company would provide you with a free technical support package when you visit their store to rent a PC or laptop. In addition, the company would also provide free home delivery of your laptop within a short period after you have paid the rental fees.

How To Get The Best Laptop Rental Deals

Do you know that laptop rental prices can be much beat your own personal consumption?

You have just taken on the full responsibility of storing and keeping your equipment. Many clients who have tried this have told how disappointed it never worked out to the way that they expected.

The main problem is that people do not take their laptops to a laptop rental place and leave them in their care. They usually let them go home and wait for them to be collected by their rental agencies. This causes a backlog and damages the reputation of both the customer and the company. Notebook rentals are generally expensive because of the quality of the laptop and the screen sizes available. So, when looking at notebook rentals, one has to compare not only the rental prices but also the terms and conditions as well.

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Check out the rent-to-own contract

When looking at laptop rentals, check out the rent-to-own contract that is offered by some agencies. These companies have exclusive access to many new and used computer models. You can even rent a laptop with an extended warranty. Most rental companies require that you return the used computer back in like 60 days. This is the best time to buy a new unit since the price is the lowest.

Consider the price

It is important to note that a pro shop is not a laptop rental price guarantee agency. The guarantee comes from the manufacturer of notebook computers. They have the sole right to replace any defective unit with a brand new one, at no extra cost. Notebooks are made to last a lifetime so it only makes sense to invest in the most durable models that will serve you well for a long time. Of course, you should opt for the most durable models available, but you also need to consider the pros and cons of laptop rental prices.

If you travel often then multiple units can be cheaper when you rent a laptop. Many people prefer to have their own notebooks with onsite support. This provides them with help when they need it most, whether it is through remote monitoring or help in downloading and installing software. Look for laptop rental prices that include onsite support.

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Laptop rentals for business come in two flavours:

  • Business laptop rentals.
  • Standard rentals.

Business laptop rentals usually come with a business traveller package that include the screen size you will need, as well as up to three additional computers for the organization to work as a team. Laptops are normally rented in bulk amounts, to ensure that there are enough computers for the business. However, most business laptop rentals are a one-time purchase and most businesses choose to have their own computer that will serve them well after the rental is complete.

If you are a business owner and are considering renting a few laptops to meet with clients, then you may be able to save a lot of money by looking for a short term rental. You can save a lot of money by getting a quick quote from the rentals to find out exactly what they can offer you for your budget. A short term rental could include several different computers or it could just be a laptop for your meetings and business meetings.


The best way to get a quick quote for a rental is to make use of the internet. Simply make sure that you have your quote request filled out completely and that you specify the type of laptop that you would like to have. For example, if you were interested in a refurbished laptop then you would search for a rental in the market that offers refurbished laptops. Most of the time, these rentals provide you with a free spell.