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Whether you’re thinking about starting a dropshipping business or if you simply want to update your winter wardrobe, Alibaba and Aliexpress aren’t the online Chinese wholesale websites that you could use. In fact, there is probably a wide range of platforms that you haven’t heard about before, all of which can provide you with some incredible replica goods.

So, what are those websites? Are there some really popular ones that I should know about? To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best platforms that you could use. Here is our list of the top five best replica Chinese wholesale websites that you must check out:

1. “Dhgate”

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Western Union


You would expect that Aliexpress would be the first Chinese replica wholesale website on this list, however, since most people are aware of it, we won’t be mentioning it, nor its sister company, Alibaba. Besides these sites, Dhgate is the second-largest wholesale site that you could choose for your business. They’ve opened their doors back in 2004, and they did a pretty good job establishing themselves in the world of dropshipping.

This platform has a really amazing collection of replica goods, including things such as designer shoes, bags, clothes, and so on. When it comes to technology, they aren’t as big as some other names that you might find in this article, however, they do offer amazing discounts and sales for people who want to buy electronic goods from them. One of the advantages of using this site is that you can either purchase a single unit or in bulk.

2. “Light in The Box”

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Yandex, PayPal


Next on our list is Light in The Box, a platform that isn’t as popular as some other options, however, they still have an amazing user count, and more importantly, they have a wide range of replica products that will be ready for being shipped to your location! Besides replicas of designer clothes, they also offer replicas of electronic devices, accessories, home decorations, furniture, and so many categories that you can browse through.

Though you’ll be able to find various categories to choose from, a lot of businesses opt for purchasing men’s and women’s clothing, which is probably why these categories are the most popular ones. You should know, the company behind this platform implemented a really good 7-day return policy, thus, if they got your order wrong or if you simply aren’t satisfied with their goods, you can return them with a simple click on a button.

3. “Just China it”

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Cash, Bank Transfers


If professionalism is what you’re looking for, professionalism is what you’ll get by choosing to work with JustChinait, one of the best replica sites that’ll provide you with a wide range of goods. No matter what you require for your dropshipping company, the experts working on this platform will be capable of providing you with it, but, they’ll most likely do it quicker than some other options available on the market.

Now, you should know, they don’t offer goods directly on their website, instead, they work on a principle that requires them to find and send you the goods you need. This means that they’ll purchase and export various products to you. One of the major benefits of working with them is that they’re completely honest and transparent about all their business procedures, thus, you can rest assured that you won’t have any issues when working with them.

4. “TB Dress”

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Webmoney


For individuals looking to sell clothing items, one of their go-to sites should be TB Dress. No matter what you require for your business – or personal wardrobe – you’ll most likely find perfect replicas on this site, and it’s worth mentioning that they offer clothes in all sizes, including plus sizes (something that a lot of organizations, sadly, fail to do). Thus, if you’re looking for a fashion replica wholesale organization, you should stop looking, TB Dress is here to help you.

It does offer some perks that other companies on this list don’t. For example, if you choose to order more than $2.000 worth of goods from them, you’ll be offered a discount of 10%, which is something that is incredibly beneficial, especially for people who are just starting out in the world of dropshipping. If you have any questions about their business operations, their customer support team will gladly answer the questions you have.

5. “Tom Top”

Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer

Yet another interesting site is Tom Top, an organization that doesn’t only offer clothing goods, but makeup, beauty, electronics, gardening, car accessories, decoration goods, and so on. If you’re planning on ordering in bulk, you’ll have some really amazing discounts applied to your overall price, and more importantly, they do ship their products all over the globe, hence, no matter where you are, they’ll be capable of sending you the goods.


It’s worth mentioning that they have implemented really amazing wholesale programs for different organizations. For example, the one thing that truly sets them apart from all the other companies we’ve mentioned is that they also offer customization services, meaning that they can place your logo on the goods, thus, increasing your branding efforts and strategies. All of their goods have a return + refund policy and warranty, and if you offer in bulk, they might offer you free shipping services as well.


No matter why you’re looking for a Chinese replica wholesale company, the ones we’ve mentioned above will definitely suit the needs you have. Keep in mind, each of the sites offers different things, thus, before choosing a specific one, you should do some digging and learn what you can purchase from them.

Since you now know some of the most popular platforms that you can choose to work with, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, check out each of the websites we’ve mentioned, determine which one is the most suitable for your business or personal needs, and then order the goods you need!