Even though plenty of the gaming options are accessible on the ground, casino games are exciting and fun-filled. Since it renders the chance to gamble while enjoying the comfort of the couch, many people want to gamble casino games. The gambling world has a vast pool of games, and thus you will choose whatever you want as per your needs.

The majority of people love to play poker games. If you want to explore the best poker games to improve your skills and enjoy unlimited fun, then you can visit this site Did you know that many famous footballers have displayed their passion and talent towards this game? Yes! In this article, you will learn about footballers who are passionate and good at playing poker.

Top footballers play poker game


Nowadays, many professionals and celebrities love to play casino games. Professional football players have started to play poker and win huge prizes in recent times. Although they have a passion for football and try hard to give their best in every match, they need to relax and have fun.

Contrary to this, they look for an alternative way to earn huge money apart from football. Due to these things, the following football players play the poker game, and now they become excellent pokers. While reading the players list, you will surely get a shock.

1. Gerard Pique

One of the best and popular defenders in the world is Pique. He has vast talents and showcases his stellar and exceptional defense skills for Barcelona’s football team.

He is so good at playing the poker game a showcases his impressive poker skills in the European poker tour. Apart from playing, he had won a prize worth $56.000. Pique was the leading gambler at the 2013 world series of poker’s main event before falling off the pace.

He has earned $668.000 from the poker game. It is incredible to witness the famous football player adopting a healthy attitude towards online gambling.

2. Fernandinho


Fernandinho is one of the ultimate football players who turned the best poker prodigy. As he crossed 35years, he may not qualify as a prodigy nowadays. But, he has vast experience in the game and knows all ins and outs of the gameplay.

A great example of his playing skills is touching on Man City’s semi-final victory once again. His performance showcases how skillful and deceptive a player he is. This Brazilian professional football player has done very well throughout his career.

3. Teddy Sheringham

Another most popular and best footballer in England who loves to play poker is Sheringham. In the English Premier League, he is the eleventh highest scorer. He does not have great skill in football but also has vast talents such as playing the poker game.

Do you know that Sheringham is the most talented poker player? He has earned a significant win of $127.000 after coming fifth position in the EPT in Portugal. Later, he has made more than $300.000 in poker games. But, he is not playing the poker game regularly.

4. Neymar


Neymar is the best player in the football world. He is one of the trickiest football players in the world. He has created many unforgettable moments in the match they had played. But, he loves to play poker in real life. Due to his passion for poker, he has named his dog “poker.”

In 2017, Neymar led the European Poker Touch main in Barcelona in which he completed many times. He plans to become a professional poker player after he retires from football.

5. Tomas Brolin

Tomas Brolin is the Swedish player who helped guide his national football team to the World Cup Semi-finals. He was playing football for Parma in Italy’s Serie A. He has an immense love and passion for football.

But, unfortunately, he had injuries and was unable to continue his promising career. Thus, he put a premature end. This pressure and stress makes him gain tons of weight and become one of the fattest ex-football players.

So, he has become active on the professional poker scene since 2006. He has participated in the 2007 World Series of Poker and played the game very well. He often competes in the European Poker Tour.

Although he has failed to win any events, he has managed to earn a decent amount from his event participation.

6. Steve


Steve has won many professional titles in sports compared to other footballers. He is popularly called the Nugget. He is the best snooker player with six World Championships and $1 non-ranking victories. Even though he is over 55years, he continues playing professional snooker.

Apart from snooker, he is well versed in poker games. Yes! He plays the poker game and wins something exciting.

7. David Levi

Levi is the least famous footballer on this list. But, he is one of the most renowned and excellent poker players. Before playing football, he has started as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces.

He could not continue his career as a football player due to his severe injury. After that, he has switched fears and then joined professional poker. In his poker career, he has earned more than $2.6million. Besides, he has numerous World Poker Tour, and World Series of Poker wins.

Bottom line


The footballers on the list have their own big and earned a good name in poker. They also motivate you to try your luck in poker. Poker is the most popular online casino game, which is hugely easier to play. You can check the above mentioned site to explore the widest collection of poker games.

This site also made it easy to bet on poker games in the comfort of your home. It also offers tons of games, including slots, and thus, you can play whatever you want without compromises. Keep in mind that you could win serious money from poker games like these footballers. So, focus on the gameplay and use the right strategy.