For those of us in the community that want to get blasted before they go headbangin\’ into the sunset, the joyful combination of Red Bull with *insert medicinal turn up liquid here* has been a staple. From trying to survive an opener that doesn\’t know the difference between a clean transition and reverb, to trying to get some insto-courage to find festival bae, to summoning the ADHD freight train superpowers that will enable you to force your way to the front and claim your spot on the fence, mixies have saved and condemned many a soul come festival time. However, with every great thing the EDM gods have graced onto us mere mortals, there is a trade off, and according to some recent labwork from Dr. Richard van Rijn of Purdue University, its not as even as one would imagine.

According to the study, Dr. Van Rijn and his team found that alcohol mixed with energy drinks contained TEN TIMES more caffeine than normal sodas and increased the levels of the protein FosB. What does all of this mean? Well for one, the results showed that a combination of the caffeine with the activation of that specific protein affects the human mind the same way cocaine does. Yep, that\’s right, cocaine is just as bad as Red Bull kids.

Whether or not this is gonna stop the shirtless guys from trying to bull rush their way through the crowd, is yet to be seen.