\”It’s a language that’s non-dualistic, that speaks to you directly to your emotions without the mind interfering with the message,\” explains the extremely talented Scottish producer Rustie when asked about the name of his highly anticipated LP Green Language. \”And music is like that for me.\” Indeed, Rustie\’s music has always spoken directly to my emotions; one of my all-time favorite songs is his 2013 hit \”Slasherr\” and when I first heard it at one of Bauuer\’s shows last year I kid you not I felt such ecstasy I almost cried of happiness .

Now the Scot has announced an upcoming LP titled Green Language that is about to be one of the best things since sliced bread. Don\’t believe me? Check out his single release off the album \”Raptor\” which is a perfect example of Rustie\’s signature sound. Still don\’t believe me? Check out his Soundcloud here for more of his work. If you still don\’t understand why this man is one of my favorite producers, guess you\’ll have to wait until Green Language\’s release date, August 14th, to see why. For now, enjoy streaming his latest track \”Raptor\” below!