After many covers and two fantastic singles, PRXZM delivers their massive debut EP Come Alive. This talented duo left a mark in the music scene while touring North America with MitiS and Party Nails. Now, after getting a two-track taste of the EP, we get seven sought after electro-pop masterpieces. It’s safe to say after this release PRXZM is here to stay. Whether you want to vibe out to “Through the Night” or get your groove on to “Queen of Hearts,” this EP has something for you.

“We are extremely proud of this project. The songs each came from our hearts, and the EP as a whole has truly been an experimental and passionate project for us,” says PRXZM. “This release marks and exciting first step into a new world of music that we haven’t deeply explored before; creating a bridge between the electronic world that we built PRXZM in and the live world in which we will continue building.”

Give Come Alive a listen below. Your ears will thank you later.