Today, Instagram is not just a social platform for sharing impressions and texting with friends. A few years ago, the site became a real marketing tool that is used everywhere: entrepreneurs use it to increase the customer base and sales, and bloggers and celebrities open an additional source of income and establish a closer connection with fans. However, every year it becomes more and more difficult to become a famous influencer from scratch – authors have to use not only proven free options, but also paid advertising services that help speed up the process of attracting an audience.

So how can you create a truly great blog and earn extra money? To do this, you will need not only creativity and an understanding of current trends, but also knowledge about the gradual and organic growth of the account. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 best ways that will help you, as a beginner, take your blog to a new level and consolidate your position on the platform.


What do you need to do first?

1. First of all, you need to create an attractive and solid account that people will want to subscribe to. We mean not only a bright and beautiful design, a memorable nickname and an informative profile header. It is important to understand here that visitors to your page pay attention to the number of subscribers – this is an indicator of how popular and successful you are. The larger this number, the more presentable you look in the eyes of users. They begin to trust you, and this contributes to an increase in subscriptions.

But what if you don’t have regular viewers? Using free options, you can spend a lot of time and resources, but never achieve the desired result. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you take care of the attractiveness of the page in advance and make a purchase of followers. Promotion services are offered by specialized companies, such as Viplikes. At the same time, you buy not just dead bots or fakes, but real people’s accounts, and this organically improves account statistics. This means that your content will be included in recommendations more often, and users will be more willing to click on the “follow” button. To save yourself from unnecessary worries, you can immediately choose a special package of services, and in this case subscribers will be delivered to your page regularly – this is very convenient.

2. When you already have a base (at least 1000 regular viewers and 10 publications), you can try targeted advertising. This is an internal option that assumes various ads shown to a certain circle of people. The advantages of this method are that your ads will be visible only to potential followers and you will not waste money if the layout is attractive enough for users. We recommend that you start with a few dollars a day and follow the dynamics. If you see that advertising does not give a real result, and the number of subscribers does not increase, try creating a different layout or start an advertising campaign later when the account becomes more full.


What free methods are effective for further growth?

3. In addition to the various paid services that we talked about above, you can try several others that do not require financial costs. One of the best options is mutual PR. The essence of this method is that you create joint content with other authors and talk about each other on your pages. Usually, those who have also recently started their online journey and are looking for opportunities to expand their fanbase agree to such advertising activities.

This is a great chance to make yourself known in the thematic community and become more famous within it. To do this, you need to find a blogger who publishes content on similar topics and has good statistics. Some of them hesitate to write first, but you don’t need to take an example from them – choose the one who fits the parameters, be active on his page and write a proposal for mutual PR. If everything works out, then you can be sure that the number of free followers will increase, and the blog will grow faster.

4. The use of thematic hashtags is not just a whim, but a necessity. If you want your posts to be seen by as many users as possible, keywords can contribute to this.The fact is that many users search for the content they are interested in using various tags.  At the same time, it is important to use this tool wisely – an overabundance of keywords will not give results, but will begin to annoy readers. Also, do not write those that are often used (such as #love, #likes, #followers, #girls, #boys, and so on), such publications will be lost among the rest and you will be disappointed. The best solution is to choose 7-10 narrowly focused thematic tags and try them out. Experiment with keywords to find the ones that will help you promote your account.


5. Every blogger who starts now has a few more opportunities than those who developed the blog a few years ago. You see, now most active Internet users have personal pages on several resources at once. And this means that you, as a new author, can get a certain number of viewers if you publish content everywhere, not just on one platform.

Cross-promotion is especially effective if you already have fans on other resources. For example, to grow an Instagram page, you can use TikTok or YouTube – duplicate short Reels clips there and attach a link to the original source. This way you will tell your subscribers about your endeavors, attract attention to a new page and be able to expand your fanbase. To warm up the interest of the audience, we recommend offering a nice bonus or a useful guide – people love gifts for simple actions.