The question of why the male genitalia does not lift before sexual intercourse comes to many people’s minds.

This problem, known as erectile dysfunction, is when the erection does not occur enough to have sexual intercourse or the erection cannot be sustained for long enough. Although the reason for this is usually due to stress, it is essential to consult a urologist if it is seen frequently. Erectile dysfunction can also be seen due to emotional problems or relationship problems. The underlying cause of this problem may be psychological and may result from some other diseases.

Although erectile dysfunction is a common condition today, high success rates are achieved due to the application of necessary treatments. In this case, the appropriate treatment method is planned and applied as a result of the examination made by the urology physician.

According to the treatment guide prepared by the European Urology Association, treatments applied to a certain standard are very effective in solving the problem of erectile dysfunction and maintaining a healthy sexual life.


Why does Erectile Dysfunction Happen?

Some risk factors increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. These risk factors are:

  • Medical problems such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Since tobacco products limit blood flow to the veins, they can cause chronic heart diseases that cause erectile dysfunction in the long term.
  • Excessive weight gain, especially obesity
  • Radiation therapy used for prostate surgery or cancer treatment
  • Damage to the nerves or vessels that cause erection
  • Antidepressants, antihistamines, and medications for high blood pressure, pain, or prostate conditions
  • Psychological causes such as stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Substance and alcohol use cause erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Erectile dysfunction seen in individuals with these risk factors may also occur due to some diseases such as Parkinson’s, atherosclerosis (occlusion of blood vessels), multiple sclerosis, and Peyronie’s disease.

Individuals with erectile dysfunction ask urology physicians why the male genitalia does not lift. To find the answer to this question, urologists are investigating whether there are risk factors or diseases that may cause erectile dysfunction in people.

Source: Bogomolets National Medical University – NMU

Can Men Who Have No Sexual Organs Removal Be Treated With Penile Prosthesis Surgery?

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, treatment with drugs such as sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, and avanafil is recommended. Other non-surgical methods, such as penile injection therapy and vacuum devices, can also be applied when these treatments do not work. However, these methods are not always successful. Prosthesis implantation treatment is recommended for people who ask why the male genitalia does not lift despite having tried these methods.

These prostheses, popularly called Penile prostheses and known as malleable penile prostheses in English, offer a permanent solution to erection by placing a pair inside the penis. There are two types of penile prosthesis, one-piece malleable penile prosthesis and three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis. While the one-piece prosthesis offers long-term use, it is quickly ready for use thanks to its bending angle.

On the other hand, natural-looking hardening can be achieved by inflating the pump mechanism in the three-piece prosthesis. If these prostheses are not used, they can be easily hidden and are overlooked when viewed from the outside. Penile prosthesis treatment for erectile dysfunction has been used for more than 40 years and stands out as a treatment method with a high success rate in solving erectile dysfunction.


Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction and Online Test

In cases where erection cannot be sustained or erection is not seen enough during sexual intercourse, a male impotence test can be performed. Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a prevalent condition. Since many reasons cause erectile dysfunction, some tests to be performed under the supervision of a urologist contribute to finding the cause of this problem.

To understand the impotence due to different diseases, it is essential to learn the detailed medical history and diseases of the people before the examination. In addition, sexual history is also questioned to learn about recent sexual activity. In the comprehensive examination, the hormonal, vascular, and neurological systems are evaluated together with the genitourinary system.

According to the evaluation, some laboratory tests are also necessary to investigate the source of impotence. Lipid tests such as fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides are tests to determine the cause of impotence.

In addition, the testosterone value, also known as the male hormone among people, is measured to understand whether there is impotence. 1 With the examinations and tests, it is understood whether there is impotence, and its causes are investigated. You can also use acoustic wave therapy for ed to improve erectile dysfunction.


Is it possible to take an Impotence Test Online?

Although erectile dysfunction is a common problem, many people do not realize that they have impotence. The male impotence test, which Raymond Rosen and his friends created in 1997 to determine whether there is an impotence problem, is still used today. This test, published in the journal Urology, is known as the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). Its use is recommended by many competent institutions, including the European Urology Association.

Access by clicking the link. As a result of the test, individuals can learn whether they experience any dysfunction in an erection. In addition, according to the test results, the degree of erectile dysfunction is graded in three ways: mild, moderate, or severe. People with erectile dysfunction benefit from treatment methods such as drug therapy, penile injection, vacuum devices, and penile prosthesis recommended by the European Urology Association.

Is Permanent Solution Possible with Penile Prosthesis?

Although different treatment methods are applied in people with erectile dysfunction, it is difficult to achieve successful results consistently. The first step for men who are found to have erectile dysfunction due to the impotence test in men who apply to physicians due to erectile dysfunction is medication and penile injection treatment. In addition, the formation of erection before sexual intercourse can be achieved with vacuum devices.

However, none of these methods offer a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction. Penile prosthesis surgery is performed in people who do not benefit from these treatments. Penile prostheses, also known as Penile Prostheses, offer a permanent solution for men with erectile dysfunction.

There are two different types of prostheses, one-piece, and three-piece. While the one-piece prosthesis provides long-term use thanks to its durable structure, it can also be used practically with its bending angle. On the other hand, three-piece dentures allow both semi and full curing through its inflatable pump and provide more natural-looking curing.

In addition, insurances cover a significant part of penile prosthesis treatment under some conditions. To learn about these conditions and to get more detailed information about Penile Prosthesis, you can contact us via the “Contact form” on the site. Individuals with erectile dysfunction who wonder why the male genitalia do not lift can consult a urologist to find out if they are suitable for prosthesis treatment.