Last night Porter Robinson joined Zane Lowe for the Fan Club portion on his BBC Radio 1 show to answer questions regarding his upcoming debut album Worlds amongst other things. Although the album and its release date are still rather hush-hush, Porter did reveal that the album is 12 songs long and that the final masters of the tracks were handed in five days before the BBC interview. He also mentions again that the much-anticipated Worlds will not be your typical EDM album as one can deduce from his only current release off the album \”Sea of Voices\”. Porter explains that he wanted to lead into his album with this \”left-of-center\” track in order \”change the conversation\” and make a statement about how people cannot evaluate this album off of today\’s popular party-starting tracks. However, Porter does say that he is a fan of indie pop and other popular sounds and does not want to \”make people choose between EDM and my new music. I also don’t have any aspirations to change the game or change the genre at all. I just wanna make songs that I really like and I feel really good right now\”. Later on in the interview, Porter describes the making of \”Sea of Voices\” and addresses other questions about his debut album such as what kind of sound to expect and if there are any collaborations.

In addition to Worlds, Porter talks about how although his goals as an artist have evolved over the past few years the underlying theme in all of them is to make great music and be a successful musician versus a famous DJ. He explains how in the beginning of his career he \”had some songs that blew up\” and \”ended up DJing and had to teach myself how to do that in a week so I could go on tour. It’s not like I had this great aspiration to become a famous DJ, it’s more just that I was making electronic music\”. Speaking of making electronic music, Porter also dismissed the rumors that he has been ghost producing tracks for his colleagues. “I just think between touring and how much of an effort it is to write music my time’s just better spent writing my own music”, explains Porter. He says he has never produced for other artists while keeping his name off the track but he does admit to a collaboration with a friend. He explains that he took his name off the track before it came out because \”it didn’t feel right for me. The end product wasn’t something I was happy with\”. He does not reveal the friend or the track but I\’m sure most of you can take a rather educated guess as to what \”kind of well known\” track he is referring to.

In short, Porter Robinson\’s debut album Worlds is on the horizon so keep an eye out for what is sure to be a beautiful and game-changing collection of tunes. To listen to the full interview, check out Zane\’s radio show here at around the hour mark to hear his conversation with Porter.