mat zo

Porter Robinson & Madeon\’s \”Shelter\” track has now been streamed more than 41 Million times, and the music video has streamed an additional 8.8 Million times in 5 weeks. The track, featuring Madeon\’s bashfully powerful vocals, been remixed and bootlegged at least a hundred times by different artists, but never has the track seen an officially supported remix.

The powerhouse duo has sold-out multiple dates on their Shelter Live Tour across North America with international shows beginning February 2017.

So when Mat Zo announced on twitter today that he has remixed their breakout hit tune, he seemed to be the perfect man for the job. Especially given how Zo has collaborated with Robinson previously on their massive joint single  “Easy” (2013), and then later remixed Robinson’s hit “Flicker” in 2015.

Zo\’s effervescent and elegant style, which, to be sure, falls into no apparent or easily categorizable genre, is just what the doctor ordered for the iconic Summer hit of 2016. In particular, Zo beefs the track up with some heavy builds and electric guitar riffs to the max, and then drops us differently each time into Madeon\’s soothing lyrical let down — sometimes funky, sometimes etherial, always complex.

We\’ll let you be the judge for yourself. Stream the track below.

Photo by: Jar.Photo