Canada is a peaceful nation which has maintained a friendly relationship with many other countries. This democratic country is known for its low crime rate. Hockey, the national game of India, was invented in Canada. The country also has more than two million patents, like the invention of cable TV, the telephone and insulin.

The Canadian government even pays for healthcare and medicines. The citizens of Canada do not have to pay hefty sums as medical bills.

Naturally, people from different countries try their level best to shift base to Canada. Check out to know the visa application process of the country.

The most popular cities in Canada are as follows:

1. Montreal

Source: The Telegraph

This city ranks fifth among expatriates. It offers easy options for housing and a smooth work-life balance. French is recognized as the official language of this state. However,  people here speak both French and English here.

This city has the second most dense population of the world. Though it has a comparatively small area, it has the second-highest number of consulates in North America. The only point of discontent among people is their healthcare system.

This country offers jobs in several industries like pharmaceuticals, art, film finance and culture. It has several architectural marvels. The modern highrise buildings are placed beside ancient architectural wonders.

Housing is the primary source of expenditure in Montreal. If the person avails public transfer, he will have to pay additional charges.

2. Vancouver

Source: TripSavvy

The nature and culture of this place attracts people. This cosmopolitan city offers vast seas, big sky, and a total lack of chaos. It has breathtaking scenery. It is a beautiful destination for skiing, whale watching and other outdoor activities. It has a lack of pollution. It leads to the absence of smog.

The chefs have adopted a policy of from-farm to the table. Most of the residents of this multicultural city doesn’t speak English. This city readily welcomes diversity to such an extent that it has a thriving LGBT community. It is considered legal to consume marijuana in Canada. Also, it is one such city which is crowded with food lovers present in Canada.

This place has a strong economy, which makes it popular among expatriates. The following industries are popular here:

  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Telecommunication
  • Construction
  • Movies
  • Personal services.

People maintain cordial relation with each other. Vancouver hosts one of the most lavish pride parades of Canada.

This liberal nature of people is a significant draw towards the state. However, it is one of the most expensive states in Canada. People are expected to pay tips if they dine out. Even one BHK flat costs as much as spacious flats in other countries.

Wildlife lovers throng to Vancouver. Many people have witnessed monstrous grizzly bears feasting on a luxurious meal of salmon beside a lake. It is an integral part of the scenic beauty of Vancouver.

It also has many tourist spots like the aquarium of Stanley Park. The scenic beauty is so impressive that immigrants sunbathe, swim or take a bath around d Stanley park. Nine towering totem poles of Brockton Point, which the First Nation artists have carved, are a must-watch. They depict traditional themes like wolves and thunderbirds. It can also boast of many other parks like Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese garden. Pitchers of margaritas and Belgian waffles are a culinary delight of the state.

3. Toronto

Source: Britannica

This city is quite tolerant and the evidence lies in the fact that it supports multicultural diversities. That is why immigrants are steadily attracted to this state. The steady inflow of immigrants has affected the cuisine and the language of this state. The only problem is that Toronto is the most expensive state in Canada.

However, it is a socially-progressive state that consists of business-minded people. Cultural events, sports events and festivals take place in Toronto throughout the year. It is reputed as the second-largest city in Canada. If an immigrant admits there is a child to an international school, the cost burns a hole in his pocket.

The museums are an artistic statement about this state. The monthly transport pass is expensive too. The standard of living is high. The following industries hire people:

  • Media
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Biotechnology
  • IT

4. Calgary

Source: Simple Wikipedia

This city is not as multicultural as Toronto or Vancouver. On the other hand, it has an American cowboy image, probably because so many Americans have immigrated here.

However, it is trying its level best to be more multicultural. It offers a shallow crime rate. The transportation system is accurate, impressive. It provides many job opportunities for skilled expatriates in the following sectors:

  1. Geology
  2. Architecture
  3. Oil, petroleum and gas
  4. Financial services
  5. Creative media
  6. Manufacturing and art
  7. Urban Planning

Calgary has a high standard of living. A simple studio apartment in Calgary costs as much as a furnished 1 BHK flat in some other places. The immigrants need to pay the deposit of a full month in advance, for the first month. Despite the recurring cost of living, the expatriates enjoy an abundance of art, films, food and fashion.

It has the largest living history museum, named Heritage Park Historical Village, which appropriately reflects the lifestyle of the era between the 1860s and 1950s. Two of the famous adventure parks named Jasper and Banff are available here.

5. Victoria

Source: On the Luce travel blog

This picturesque city offers a British feel. Horse-drawn carriages and double-decker buses still ply through this city. Its scenic beauty is incredible, with plenty of whales and elephant seals available there.

6. Ottawa

Source: Fasken

Ottawa is located in Ontario, the capital of Canada. It has many world-class museums. A famous tourist spot named Rideau Canal is situated here. It is full of boaters seasonally. In the winter, this canal becomes an outdoor skating rink. This city is famous for outdoor sports like white water rafting and hiking.

7. Edmonton

Source: Forbes

This quirky city was the home to the first UFO landing strip of the world. The Elk Island National Park is a haven for wildlife lovers.


The popularity of Canada is growing amongst immigrants and expatriates. It offers excellent facilities, which attracts a multitude of immigrants. It welcomes expatriates to stay there forever, with open arms.