Two producers out of Omsk, Russia (Beatmagik and DJ Al One) have come together to form an amazing trap project duo they\’ve dubbed \”DMNDZ\”. Their latest track, posted to Soundcloud today, is a great remix of Popeska and Luciana\’s jam \”The New Kings\”. However, DMNDZ\’s remixing talents are best showcased through their monster track Knife Party – Power Glove (DMNDZ remix). They\’ve also reworked songs from very respectable artists like Kanye West, Vicetone and Chicago\’s own Krewella. Something DMNDZ does very well that sometimes gets lost with remix artists is keeping the original song intact while supplementing the perfect trap drops and runs. This technique makes for a much easier listen and an overall better track than some remix that plays the original song\’s build then just throws in some random trap interlude for 60 seconds before returning to the original song. They\’re the Goldilocks of trap remixing; not too much, not too little, but juuusssst right. Original production banger they put together with Riot Ten \”Kick It\” is also a must hear. Check out their Soundcloud page for excellent trap listening.