The police had to use pepper spray to calm a crowd of crazy fans who were trying to break into a Steve Aoki and Ludacris show in Del Mar. Let\’s just really hope these were some die-hard LUDA! fans or this may me be the saddest story ever.

Apparently, a Chainsmokers and an Aerosmith concert ended at the same time leaving many music fans feening for another live music fix. According to Police, the fans got crazy around 11pm as they started bickering and altercating with officers who told them the venue was at capacity. Eventually a deputy had to use pepper spray to disperse the crowd and four people were arrested.

Moral of the story: Don\’t go to a Steve Aoki show- unless he performs with Ludacris and  you\’re a die hard LUDA! fan.

Source : The San Diego Union-Tribune