Homeowners always have something to do with their homes from adding more to redecorating in and around them.

When you own a home, you own a great responsibility and great freedom. All of us that live in apartments know what we mean when we say homes bring liberty, especially on summer days when we can barbecue and enjoy summer eves on our porch or the back yard by the fire pit. That is what true enjoyment is and that is what we all strive for.

Now to be perfectly honest there is a lot more to that than simply buying a home and enjoying its backyard whenever possible. You need to maintain the property around your home, you need to maintain your home and if you succeed in all that then you can invest in that new veranda and enjoy your summer days with the smell of barbecue and the smiles of your friends.

If you have a home but don’t have a place to do this today, we will share a few veranda ideas you can do, that will not be that expensive. This way you can either make a veranda you wanted or refresh the one you own already. Stick with us till the end and soak up all of these ideas we have for you. For more ideas or finished products, you can simply assemble click here and check what these guys can offer you.

1. Open or closed


When it comes to design this one is a no-brainer. Verandas are meant to accommodate you and your friends and allow you to have a nice time outside of your home while you are still, technically, near your home. If you decide on an open design for your veranda, you will be limiting yourself on when and how you can use this space. Summers and fall and autumn will be your time when you can enjoy the veranda given the fact that there are no strong winds or rain. If you go with a closed design, you can pretty much add another room to your home and use it all year long. Your closed veranda can sometimes double as a greenhouse for your plants and vegetables, or you can store things there you don’t need. There are plenty of things you can use it for especially if you opt for a closed variant. Now, I believe that there is another thing, that maybe be obvious, that needs mentioning and that is the fact that we mean you place your veranda in windows not board it up entirely. That is the concept of closed outer spaces. Large windows that can open or assemble in the summer and give you the freedom of an open one.

2. Simplistic or crowded


Depending on what type of person you are you can go with a very simple veranda with only a few things or you can stuff it full of things you think you need or that would look nice. When we say simplistic, we mean an open veranda without as much as a railing on it, with a couple of rocking chairs and a small table in the middle and a few decorations to make it pop. If you are one of those that like everything a bit more stuff then you can go with a veranda with railing, some flower pots on the railing and/or on the stairs leading up to your front door, you can go with some lighting and custom made or bought furniture for the place. A very small area rug that will fit beneath the table will make it cosy even though it is outside. A couple of signs and maybe some hanging pottery and there you have your perfect, little crowded, but neat, veranda.

3. Follow the flow of the home


The first two points of this article were for those of you that don’t have a veranda and need to make one for your enjoyment. Those are the basic things you will need to choose from. If you already have a veranda but it needs a bit of a touch up we would recommend you always follow the flow of the home. You wouldn’t believe how many people get carried away when redecorating or sprucing up a part of a home or a room in a home. They go at it with all their ideas and it ends up like a piece that doesn’t fit anywhere. Since your veranda is outside and since it will be used and visible, go easy on it and get the flow of the rest of your home’s design. Try to incorporate it into the veranda but most certainly elevate it a bit with some colours and several details, just make sure that it doesn’t go overboard.

4. Small things count


You have a veranda it is old and needs an update. What do you do? First, you fix what needs fixing, refresh and repaint what needs that as well and then you need to put something there. Do not go big and do not go bulky. This is space that will see you for several hours of the day/evening and that is it. There will be weeks or months when you will not have time or forget to even go out on your veranda so investing much doesn’t pay off. Simple and small things will always be better and see if you can DIY anything. Make yourself a pallet of furniture and a small table, and get a small board with a welcome sign. Finds some old lamps that need a small coat of paint, and some new bulbs and use them for lighting. There are so many small things that can make a difference you wouldn’t believe.

Verandas are great and depending on the type of person you are you can make them or refresh them in a way that they represent you, your home and allow you to express yourself. These little things can definitely brighten your home, add some value to your home and most importantly add new and nice memories you will hold on to for a lifetime.