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Do you know who Peyton is? If the answer to that question is no, then you came to the right place to fix that mistake. He is a talented vocalist that is an active participant in the House Music scene since 2003. In the last 17 years, he managed to gather huge popularity. His fans often say he is an undisputed male voice of soulful House. Despite that, it seems that he also has certain “life coach skills.”During his long career, he managed many times to bring positivity to the lives of his listeners through his music. It is one of the goals that most singers (and artists) don’t manage to do.

The First Steps of His Career

As we said, everything started in 2003, and his first hit “A Higher Place.” Despite that, that year was also significant for his career because he managed to make a television debut. Believe it or not, he was one of the “Fab 5” presenters for the TV show Queer Eye UK (for two seasons). Thanks to his talents and hard work, he managed to participate in high-quality venues in more than 200 cities across different counties.

Why Was 2016 So Essential for Peyton?

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Peyton realized in 2016 that he is ready enough to accept new challenges. Because of that, he decided to show his talents in the well-known competition The X Factor UK. Many people will agree he was unfairly booted. The circumstances when that happened were a bit controversial. However, you need to understand that Peyton is not only a talented vocalist. He is also a confident and brave person with a strong personality and character. The defeat was not an option, and that is the reason why Peyton continued to work hard on his career success. We are sure he changed his way of thinking and made his character even stronger during those tough moments.

What about 2018?

Another year in Peyton’s career that deserves our attention is 2018. In that year, he released an album under the name “Sinners Got Soul Too” on Peyton Music. After he released the album, he continued to tour the world, but his tasks were a bit different now. He was not doing that only as a performer. He also tried to inspire people as a motivational speaker, and he was also an anti-bullying ambassador. Despite that, he started to host a radio show that has the same name as his album.

This Year – New Challange

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Connecting with people that are on the same path as you is one of the ways to become successful. That is exactly what Peyton did this year. He started a collaboration with Greg Gould, the Australian’s Got Talent semi-finalist. They together released a cover of the 1998 popular song “The Boy Is Mine”.

What about “Things Can Only Get Better”

Peyton released “Things Can Only Get Better” in 2019. However, he now decided to release an official music video for that song. The song comes with the remix package that includes two dance music legends – Eric Kupper and Judge Jules. The entire planet earth is going through a tough period this year. Fortunately, there is someone who understands the concerns of people. Peyton’s goal is to spread the message of love through his music. Fortunately, his powerful soul has the potential to uplift the world’s weary souls.