Since the moment your partner proposes, it’s all about the wedding that comes. Lists of guests, wedding gown and suit, who to invite, choosing the venue, the flowers, menu… It can be pretty exhausting, but according to the newlyweds, usually, it’s worth it. Some couples are all about the tradition, and they want the usual things – a huge cake, white wedding gown, roses, and big venues. But, some couples want to keep things simple, but still personalized according to their preferences.

Giving your ceremony a personal touch will improve the whole experience for everyone. Why not set up a lighting neon sign at the entrance of the venue, that will personalize the reception. If you are interested in that, you can visit to check all the options you have. But that’s not the only way to personalize the ceremony. In this article we will try to list as many tips as we can, so you can really have your best day ever.

So, here are some of them:

1. Pay attention to the details

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Every detail is important. Your guests will remember the tiny things like the color of the napkins, the napkin ring you used, the plates, and the way the food was served. If you want to be different, and give your wedding a nice personal touch, then you can avoid the traditional clichés, and go for more interesting and unique details. Maybe you think that the water glasses are just a usual piece of glass no one pays attention to, but if you use some interesting shapes, the guests will remember that. As you plan your wedding, don’t ignore these details. You will be surprised how much they can change and improve the whole experience, and make your day really special.

2. Show off your story

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Surely your guests know you, but why don’t you share the most beautiful moments with them. You can go with a wall of photos, that show your most significant memories with your spouse, or you can put different photos of you on the tables. Since the guests are at your wedding, they will really enjoy knowing more about you both and sharing your story with the people who are important to you.

3. Personalized menu

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You don’t have to go with the usual restaurant food. There is always a way to use your favorite food as a menu, especially when you find the right service for that. Include vegetarian and vegan options too, so you can meet all the demands and preferences.

4. Include your initials


Surely, your guests know your names. But, don’t forget that they will also take some of the decors at home, for example, candies, or napkin rings. But, after a few years, they won’t remember the wedding, and they will only know that once they were somewhere, but that’s all. So, if you put your initials on it, it will always remind them of you.

5. Use unusual color schemes

Source: The Best Wedding Dresses

We all know that white and all the light shades of pink, gold, or silver are wedding colors, but why not adding something more extreme? For example, you can always go for something purple, pink, green, orange, or any other color you like. Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean it has to be white. Just let your creativity decide about this one.

6. Cake also doesn’t need to be traditional

Source: The Daily Meal

If you find the traditional cakes too boring, and you want something different, you can do that. Just let your imagination choose something that may not be usual for weddings, but will be meaningful for you both. In the end, the taste is more important, and if you don’t like some big and white cake with sugar roses on it, then don’t do that.

7. Personalized scents

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You can go with bottles of fragrance that are a mix of your favorite oils and aromas. Another good idea is the scented candles, especially on evening occasions. People love the olfactory experience the scents can bring since a lot of us remember things based on how they smell.

8. The hand sanitizers

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Even after the pandemic goes away, some habits will stay with us longer than we think. Using a hand sanitizer is one of the things that will stay forever. So, instead of putting a big bottle on every table, try to use smaller sprays or sanitizing gels for every guest, with some personal message about you taking care of them. It’s meaningful and important, and they will remember that detail forever.

9. The music choice

Source: The Knot

This is not a part of the decoration, but it’s something you really need to pay attention to. If you want a party, then organize a party. No one wants boring events, and probably you don’t want your guests sitting down and get frustrated by the boring choice of loud music. You have to think about this one since you have to “cover” people from every age to have fun.

The bottom line

Getting married is an exceptional journey with a lot of excitement, especially when it comes to organizing important things. Sometimes, newlyweds forget about the details, and they have the usual wedding, which is the same as everyone else’s. If you don’t want that to happen, you can take your time and pay attention to these personal details you want to add to your ceremony.

Surely it’s the most important day for you, but what’s the point if the guests forget about it as soon as they leave the venue? So, it’s not very hard to make it memorable for all of you, by using the tiny details we included in this article, that can make a huge difference.

The decorations, guest list, music, and meals can make your wedding too boring or too exciting. So, let your creativity do the best, because the borderline between exceptional and horrible reception is very thin, and just a small mistake can ruin everything. And no one wants that to happen.