It seems that these days in almost every TV show, there are bound to be some spicy sex scenes. Nothing wrong with that, unless sex life in your relationship is somewhat lacking. In this case, each time you see those unbelievably sexy actors undress, you are reminded about this sad state of affairs.

It doesn’t mean that it has to be like this! Although your sex life could be boring for multiple reasons, only some of them require the assistance of trained professionals. We have prepared a list of tips that might be helpful in less difficult situations.

They aren’t sex hacks by any means, as every person is different, but as they say – pursue happiness with diligence. And by “happiness,” we mean “earth-shattering orgasms.” And yes, we mean the business.

1. Experiment

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Okay, we know that we aren’t the first to suggest experimenting to spice up your sex life, but there’s a reason why it is suggested so often: it works. You might be just fine having sex the old good fashioned way in a missionary position, but trust us, there’s much more!

We don’t mean that you have to contort your body the way some particularly flexible porn actresses do, but try to be creative! We are aware that nowadays, you most often hear this phrase at your workplace, which is why you automatically doze off before the other person finishes the sentence, but trust us.

Even if the idea of putting your tongue inside your partner’s ass seems a bit disgusting, what if you discover that, in fact, you love eating ass? Don’t knock it until you try it!

Who knows, perhaps your sex life is boring because your partner doesn’t lack the energy, but the opposite – they are just too lively! We agree that it seems weird, but some people get really turned on by sexy, yes, but motionless bodies. If your partner is full of energy, you could get a life-size sex doll torso from, so that you could look at it while having sex with your partner. We just hope that they will be just as non-judgmental as we are.

Alternatively, you might discover that you love when your handcuffed partner writhes in pleasure when you bite their nipples, even though you don’t really understand the appeal. But, as they say, different strokes for different folks.

2. Change Your Location

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There is a reason why “going to bed” and not “going to the kitchen” is the euphemism for sex. Beds are comfortable, and it’s less likely that you’ll get injured during a particularly steamy and intimate lovemaking session.

Although you’ll find a healthy dose of individuals who swear that there’s nothing like sex on a kitchen counter, we think that it might be a tad too dangerous. You could turn on the electric stove by accident with your buttock, and you might discover that there’s such a thing as sex that is too hot.

Instead, we suggest going outside. If you aren’t entirely convinced, then your balcony might work as well, that is, unless you aren’t an exhibitionist even one tiny bit. Technically it might be part of your house, but you’ll have lower chances of being spotted if you venture to the forest.

Being in nature is healthy for your physical and mental health, but you know what else is also healthy? That’s right, sex. If you don’t mind being watched by squirrels and rabbits, you could spend some quality time in a nearby national park with your partner.

Once you are sure that there’s no one in a screaming distance, make a lewd suggestion, and voila. You’ll feel that what you are doing isn’t completely safe – and we don’t mean because of boars or bears, but rather that other people might happen upon you. One thing is for sure – it will make sex exciting again, and that’s what every relationship needs.

3. Communicate With Your Partner

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That’s another seemingly obvious piece of advice, but the problem is, we, humans, are sometimes pretty weird. Don’t worry, we won’t change the topic to the Hegelian dialectic; it’s just that some things could be relatively easily resolved if only both sides made an effort to talk to each other.

Unfortunately, it’s much easier to play the blame game or hide your true opinions so that resentment could slowly build up. The problem is, it’s not only destructive but also counter-productive. If in the last month you’ve spent most of your waking hours fantasizing about your partner’s body, and they get back home from work pretty late and tired, the solution is simple: just talk to them.

The world is a cruel place, and it might be impossible for them to skip those after-work meetings, leaving you with masturbation as the only choice. However, it is important to voice your needs and concerns to your partner – otherwise, they might be unaware of them.

Sure, some people can magically guess what others feel, but not everyone has this skill – thankfully, you can just tell them! And remember, that in a healthy relationship, each side knows how to compromise. If you want more oral sex, remember the words of a wise man – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

4. Dress Up

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It doesn’t matter if you love playing video games, reading books, or watching movies – you must have had a crush on some characters. Remember – we don’t judge you, even if it’s Sauron, Dobby, or Pinocchio.

Sure, on the internet, you can probably find movies with your favorite characters engaging in various sexual acts, but you could go one step further, and dress your partner like them. Yes, we think that your girlfriend might look a bit silly when dressed as Sauron, but if it works for you, then who are we to judge. The important part is to have fun!


When we are young, we think of our sexual experiences as absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, with time, if there’s not enough variation, some people get bored eventually.

Sex is an important part of most relationships, and it’s no wonder that boring sex life can lead to conflicts. We hope that after reading this article, you’ll try out our tips, and you’ll feel horny and excited just as if you were 20 once again!