Rewind 2016 a few notches to March when Miami was obliterated with the ultimate showcase that was Ultra Music Festival – remember when the legendary electronic rock band Pendulum closed the frenzy weekend?
Well, when it was first announced that the drum n bass hall of famers would be performing at Ultra, fans worldwide were ecstatic with the hope that the members could possibly have a full-on reunion. The not-so-inconspicuous wishes of dedicated fans were even more illuminated when the band was scheduled to perform a show in Perth, Australia.
However, all hopes and dreams were shattered when Rob Swire, lead singer and producer of Pendulum, tweeted that the Perth show is merely a “one-off DJ set” and that fans could ignore the rumors about a Pendulum reunion.
See for yourself below and give yourself a taste of what may have been one of the last Pendulum sets to ever be performed back from Ultra 2016.