Last week, Parsberg and Odden of Pegboard Nerds¬†had to cancel their upcoming September 20th show at the Bottom Lounge here in Chi-Town; don\’t feel bummed out just yet.


First being teased on Facebook, this post was later confirmed when the tour was announced on their website. Excited yet? You should be because there\’s an even bigger message coming from the capitalization of one simple word: FREAKY.

Many of you Chicago concert goers are¬†probably familiar with Freaky Deaky, a two-night costume party that has hosted big names like Wolfgang Gartner, Knife Party, Griz, and many more. Freaky Deaky is easily one of Chicago\’s most enjoyable weekends; what better way to celebrate Halloween than raging in costumes?

Check out some footage of last year\’s Freaky Deaky, including the world record-breaking pillow fight hosted by none other than Dada Life.

Why do we think Freaky Deaky is making a return to Chicago for the sixth time in a row? On the list of tour dates, the Pegboard Nerds are playing in Chicago on November 1 with a venue \’to be announced.\’ They may not be headlining these two nights (considering how stacked the Freaky Deaky lineups have been) but at least there is some light shone on what to expect.

You can catch the Pegboard Nerds (while hopefully wearing a costume) in Chicago this fall; to hype things up and prepare for the next few months of touring, they released a high-energy trap track that you can download for free or listen here:


8/22 – Buffalo, NY
8/23 – Kansas City, MO
8/30 – New York, NY
8/31 – San Diego, CA
9/4 – Minneapolis, MN
9/05 – Pontiac, MI
9/06 – Oklahoma City, OK
9/12 – Los Angeles, CA
9/13 – Miami, FL
9/18 – San Francisco, CA
9/19 – Denver, CO
9/20 – Charlotte, NC
9/26 – Tampa, FL
9/27 – Orlando, FL
9/28 – Atlanta, GA
10/02 – New Orleans, LA
10/03 – Toronto, ON
10/04 – Montreal, QC
10/10 – Dallas, TX
10/11 – Houston, TX
10/17 – Murfreesboro, TN
10/18 – Richmond, VA
10/24 – Ottawa, ON
10/25 – Akron, OH
11/01 – Chicago, IL
11/06 – Boston, MA
11/07- Newport, KY