Dragan Roganovic, also known as Dirty South, has made quite the impression with his latest track \”Unbreakable,\” which is now available for purchase, but what will make fans a little more excited is the official release date for his album \”With You.\” Oh yeah, you can also pre-order it.

Expected to be out on November 4th through Astralwerks, \”With You\” will feature a wide range of collaborations and vocals, including the very-familiar Rudy. And in case you didn\’t know, the album is only half the experience, because it will also be showcased as a movie. There is no word on the manner we\’ll get the film part of the project, but it didn\’t stop Roganovic from hosting an exclusive screening of it in Los Angeles about a week ago. New York is said to be the location of the next viewing, so let\’s hope Chicago makes it on the list.


(Official \”With You\” movie trailer)

Be sure to purchase \”Unbreakable\” and pre-order the rest of the 11 tracks on iTunes. You can also check out the official tracklisting below:

  1. Run Run Run (feat. Kids Without Instruments)
  2. One Breath (feat. J hart)
  3. In the Shadow (feat. Ruben Haze)
  4. Freefallin\’ (feat. Royelle)
  5. Tunnel Vision (feat. SomeKindaWonderful)
  6. Walking On the Sun (feat. Rudy)
  7. The Best Days (feat. Kids Without Instruments)
  8. The Unknown (feat. FMLYBND)
  9. Drifting (feat. Ruben Haze)
  10. Live Love Forever (feat. Rudy)
  11. With You (feat. FMLYBND)
  12. Unbreakable (feat. Sam Smith)